Carolina Eyck – ‘Reja’

Thereminist Carolina Eyck shared her music video for Reja – an original composition for theremin and voice.

Here is what she has to say about the piece:

When I listen to traditional music of any nation, I am always deeply moved, feeling the wisdom and honesty it reveals. Growing up with Slavic traditions, I experienced how important rituals are to connect us.

“Reja” means “dance” in Sorbian. This song expresses folk melodies and elements which had grown inside of me for a long time. Feel the spirit of spring and be inspired to come up with your own dance! 🙂

Reja is available via Amazon and other digital music services.

6 thoughts on “Carolina Eyck – ‘Reja’

  1. Very nice composition and performance !! When mastered as here, the Theremin is one of these rare instruments that can truely play with a voice (not just giving it a backtrack).

  2. I like the way those moving harmonic lines switch from minor to major in little moments– adds another layer of coolness.

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