Pen2Bow Turns Apple Pencil Into A Violin Bow MIDI Controller

Pen2Bow is a violin bow MIDI controller for iOS that lets you use the Apple Pencil to create bowing gestures for virtual instruments.

In the video above, Pen2Bow is demonstrated with SWAM Violin, a physical modeling virtual instrument.

It takes advantage of the sensors in the Apple Pencil and generates 4 continuous MIDI controllers: velocity, force, tilt and orientation. These can be assigned, for example, to expression, vibrato, bow pressure and position on the bridge to drive a virtual violin – or to any other parameter to drive synthesizers.

Pen2Bow recognizes linear as well as circular pencil motion. Circular motion enables the infinite extension of the bow that otherwise would be limited in length. This frees the user from constantly thinking about performing bow changes in order to prevent the bow from running out.

Pricing and Availability

Pen2Bow is available now for US $8.99.

13 thoughts on “Pen2Bow Turns Apple Pencil Into A Violin Bow MIDI Controller

  1. just to be a devils advocate here ,why not learn a violin .when your fans find out you play the pencil they will laugh and laugh loud.

  2. does anyone recognize the tune the demoer is playing at around 1:00? It’s very familiar but i can’t remember the names.

  3. I’ve been playing violin for almost 10 years now, and as a player and music composer using the best string libraries out there, I have to say that anything apart from a real violin bow in the hands of a real player will never get even closer to a real sound.

    1. You sound like old drummers that used to complain about the introduction of drum machines. The truth is talented producers will no only be able to produce adequate emulations of violins superior to that of modern sample only based instruments, all without the need for years of practice, expensive instruments and recording studios, more excitingly they will produce synthetic creations that you will never be able to achieve on a physical instrument. Instead of hating, try participating. Perhaps you will find your learned skills will make you more naturally adept to the new technologies?

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