Propellerhead Debuts Reason Intro

Propellerhead Software today released Reason Intro, an introduction to their Reason 10 music production software. Reason Intro “offers the Reason experience at a great price,” giving the user access to Reason’s workflow, an assortment of instruments and effects, recording tools and studio-grade mixing tools.

Reason Intro features:

  • Easy and fast music-making software
  • 16 tracks of audio and MIDI recording
  • 10 Instruments, including Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer, Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, Subtractor Synthesizer, NN-XT Advanced Sampler, Kong Drum Designer and more
  • 11 Effects including RV7000 mkII Advanced Reverb, Scream 4 Distortion, Softube Guitar Amp, Softube Bass Amp and many more
  • Professional recording tools with Pitch Edit, Slice Edit, time-stretching and more
  • Fully-featured analog modeled mixing console with bus compressor
  • Reason’s workflow and modular music-making environment
  • Support for Rack Extension and VST plug-ins

Reason Intro customers can upgrade to the full version of Reason 10 at a reduced price if desired, and access unlimited tracks, the full set of features, instruments, effects and expanded sound library.

Pricing and Availability. Propellerhead Reason Intro is available as a direct download via the Propellerhead website, or from an authorized dealer at the following suggested retail pricing: Reason Intro USD $99 MSRP / EUR €79 MSRP. The Reason 10 Intro Upgrade is priced at USD $299 MSRP / EUR €269 MSRP.

As a point of comparison, the full version of Reason 10, which was released in October 2017, retails at a suggested retail price of USD $449 / €405.

For more information, consult the Propellerhead site.

17 thoughts on “Propellerhead Debuts Reason Intro

    1. I was curious too, and found an old chart here:

      The main difference is that Essentials had a much more limited selection of devices, but unlimited tracks, while Intro limits the tracks to 16 while giving you more of the devices. This includes the new Europa synth, as well as many that were missing before like Thor and Kong.

  1. Hey thanks for the comparison.

    That’s pretty curious. I was wondering, because I own Reason Essentials. I’ve thought about upgrading to Reason 10 during that sweet upgrade sale that just ended, but I’m more of a Logic X user, and I have Ableton Live Suite but decided to put that aside. Whatever the tool, all I really want to do is create and finish tracks.

    Sounds like both Essentials and Intro are siloed from one another, in as far as the plugins are concerned. One gives you more plugins, but limited tracks, and the other is vice-versa. The choices!

  2. It has the utility devices like combinator, so this is pretty much all I would want out of Reason. It’s never going to be my main daw but I love Thor and Kong. Great deal IMO!

  3. Ya, might be a way to get people into Rack Extensions which is a vast catalog of vst’s and racks. Not a bad idea to draw in more users. Reason is a great all-in-one even without the RE’s, the full program is stacked with stuff to do off the bat. You can get lost quick trying to freestyle a melody with one of the many synths they provide.

        1. You don’t say. So when you chop a sample and bounce to a Rex loop, that means my version has rewire? Just thought it was integrated and not the standalone program. My mistake.

    1. Reason 10. But I’ve been version updating so I definitely have been using Rex Loops with groove samples and wacky long ambient recordings.
      Totally just realized you weren’t talking about recycle. Ha. I’m slow.

  4. Article says “10 Instruments, including Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer, ”
    But the website says “Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer : No”

    WTF ?

  5. Why doesn’t Propellerhead just convert all their instruments to RE and just release a full-featured base package? Most companies have figured out by now that a lower price point with a growth path (ala DLC) has is a more alluring entry-point to new users.

  6. i hope that reason will make there rack extensions into a format other daws can use.
    i really enjoy the sound of reason devices but not a fan of there interface any more.
    would be nice for them to open up the racks to everyone more cash for them more choices for users.


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