Dutch Modular Fest Coming To The Hague Sept 28-30, 2018

Organizers have announced plans for Dutch Modular Fest, scheduled for Sept 28-30, 2018 at The Hague.

Here’s what they have announced:

As programmers of the DUTCH MODULAR FEST 2018 we have a goal to achieve. Our vision on the festival is to broaden your view on modular synthesizers and create an exciting experience. With these first names we give you sneak preview on what is going to happen.

Das Ding | GinkoSynthese | Cultuurschok | @Error instruments | Lourdes | Befaco | Krach der Roboter | XOR | Error Empire | This Is Not Rocket Science | @Storm op de maan | Orodrono

‘Early Bird’ passes are available now for 15 Euro (excl. service). See the event site for more information.

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