New ‘Link’ Euro Module Lets You Integrate, Sync Multiple Modular Synthesizers

Ahead of Superbooth 2018, Evaton Technologies has introduced Link, a new Eurorack module that’s designed to make it easy to connect and sync multiple modular synth rigs.

Link is a 4HP Eurorack synth module that lets you connect up to 18 CV or audio signals between two moduar synth racks, over a single standard HDMI cable. Link is a 100% passive module, and allows signals to travel in either direction.

Link offers 10 mono jacks and 4 stereo jacks, so you can sync multiple modular systems, and share audio and control signals across multiple rigs. The top 4 jacks are stereo, but those can each be broken out into two mono signals with an optional breakout cable, enabling up to 18 CV/audio signals to be easily connected to another synth, in just 4HP of front panel space.

A 5U version is also planned, which will allow easy connection between 5U and Eurorack systems.

Pricing and Availability

Link will be available Summer of 2018, Pricing is to be determined. A pre-production prototype will be on display at Superbooth 2018.

13 thoughts on “New ‘Link’ Euro Module Lets You Integrate, Sync Multiple Modular Synthesizers

  1. Price will be a huge factor here, considering that it’s really not that complicated to solder a connecting cable between two passive multiples.

    1. You can get an HDMI splitter for under $10, so it seems like connecting three systems would be no problem.

      The limitation will probably be the maximum length HDMI can carry the signal.

      1. AFAIK most HDMI splitters are active devices (to handle HDCP negotiation, etc) – this is using the physical HDMI cables solely as 18 wires + ground so I doubt they’d work.

  2. I dont get it. Why wouldn’t you just share a buffered / multed / patch cord? I suppose it could be needed If the HDMI cord could run for 10 metres or so and you were performing with someone on stage.

  3. Doepfer do a version of this that uses standard network cables to connect 14 CVs across two modular rigs. The price of this will have to be pretty close to make it a consideration for anyone.

  4. Wade,
    I think you aren’t comparing apples and apples here. That ADDAC thing is a kit for starters. So it would be well nigh impossible to make a thing, fully assembled for the price of a kit.

    Russ’s Link module has 4 stereo and 10 mono connections. That ADDAC thing has 8 connections. So, not as many connections as I understand the math.

    If you misplace that ribbon cable on the ADDAC thing, you will have a hard time finding a replacement in a hurry. You can buy MDHI cables anywhere. Target, Home Depot, etc.

    Hope this helps.

  5. I would get this in an heartbeat if someone could make a HDMI to 1/8in loom. I’d use it to connect a BeatStep Pro to the modular.

  6. im really looking forward to this thing – will be much easier and even more connections than the doepfer multicore – very good for travelling with live setups. Amazing inventive progression!

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