Dreadbox Intros Lil’ Erebus DIY Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer

Dreadbox has introduced the Lil’ Erebus, a DIY all-in-one synth voice that you can build as a Eurorack module or as a standalone synthesizer.


  • Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
  • 2 Oscillators (Osc1 Saw wave, Osc2 Pulse wave)
  • 2-Pole Low Pass Filter
  • 3 Segment Envelope Generator (ADS)
  • Voltage Controlled Echo
  • Voltage Controlled LFO
  • Built-in MIDI to CV
  • 16 Patch Points
  • 42HP Eurorack Format

Pricing and Availability

The Lil’ Erebus is available now, priced starting at 158.00 € for the DIY Eurorack module kit.

10 thoughts on “Dreadbox Intros Lil’ Erebus DIY Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer

  1. I loved building their Hades kit but I do wish the Cutoff knob was far far away from the Tuning knob. The range on the tuning knob is huge … about 5hz to 22khz (totally guessing here!) so the slightest touch will send it massively out of tune. The only slight drawback to these great little synths.

    1. Well, since it’s a kit, you could add a coarse tuning knob elsewhere and turn the current one into a fine tuning one.

      I´ve been interested by the Erebus for a long time, so, this kit looks promising.

  2. The stopped the Hades kit quick because it was “too much effort” for them so they wanted to stop DIY, and now they bring out a new kit?

  3. The Lil’ Erebus is totally cool! Can’t wait to get my hands on one and add it to a Eurorack system. Also, what’s that sequencer?

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