SyntoNovo PAN Synth Combines Analog Sound + Multi-Dimensional Keyboard Control

At Superbooth 2018, SyntoNovo will be presenting the PAN – a new analog synth that features an advanced multi-dimensionally expressive keyboard.

Heres’ what they have to say about it:

We’re almost done now with the design of PAN, SyntoNovo’a Analog Synth with its XYZPression Keyboard – a distinguishably different synth with surprising features.

PAN will be shown at the Berlin SuperBooth2018. Next steps will be a test batch production followed by field-tests at several carefully selected beta test sites.

Please visit us at our SyntoNovo stand 242 , together with our cooperators This is Not Rocket Science at 243, and make sure tot share your thoughts and suggestions with us!

Specifications, pricing and availability details are still to be announced.

via Matrixsynth, SyntoNovo

17 thoughts on “SyntoNovo PAN Synth Combines Analog Sound + Multi-Dimensional Keyboard Control

      1. This looks really interesting. I watched the video. The synth looks very desirable. i like the mix of Syrinx and CS80 controls, possibly a lot of the sliders relate to controls for the various axis of keyboard pressure. I wasnt so keen the pitch offset when you don’t hit the key square on. Obviously that is an option to dial this in or not but with my “enthusiastic” playing technique I need all the help I can get!

        Nice to see an innovator back.

  1. It’s got the pressure pads of the Synton Syrinx and, seemingly, the sliders and pots of a Roland Boutique. With an XYZ keyboard apparently an expressive synth. I’ll be curious about the specs.

  2. amazing! when will big companies catch up lol… Qunexus and TouchKeys have existed for years. .. companies that are actually RUN by creatives put out the best stuff. Excited to follow this project.

  3. I wonder how the keys work. Does it have a touch sensor on the key? Doesn’t look like it. Does it force sensors at some other point on the key?

    The thing that is most tricky is to get the other controls to “behave”. It seems like having this keyboard ignore those additional controls when you want it to would be helpful. Even having a foot pedal to enable/disable.

    Something about having a software aspect that allows you to configure the behavior seems helpful

    1. the additional sheet they published it shows that’s it’s mono/paraphonic.
      It also says “duophonic/poly over MIDI”. I’m not sure what that means yet but it only has one filter so it’s probably paraphonic.

  4. How they integrate the synth engine with the additional controls will be key, I think. Otherwise, seems the sort of thing that would be better released as two separate units. Or, it could show the magic of thoughtful integration.

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