19 thoughts on “Elektrofon Klang Eurorack Module (Sneak Preview)

    1. It’s almost as if we live in an alternate universe in which the affordable programmable polysynth was never invented.

  1. i couldn´t care less. whenever i see something like that i immediately thank korg for giving the world the kronos, the epitome of finest quality in synth manufacturing. the kronos is a musical instrument, an eurorack module is not imo. products like these distract people from making actual *music*. i´m sick and tired of sound-making *artists*.

    1. I have to agree. It gets obscurer and obscurer that market and I know enough people who have quickly stopped their journey into that realm.I use 19 inch rack gear and look forward to the next rack programmable synth to come out.

    2. You don’t need to be “sick and tired”, that’s completely your choice. Maybe you are upset for other reasons?

      Also, this post seems a little misplaced. I don’t see how this eurorack module has anything to do with the Kronos, other than they both play chords.

      This module is brilliant!

  2. i totally disagree with everything ragnhild says, this is sick thats excactly how id like to make chords beautiful

    1. Believe it or not Bruce, it’s common for modular setups not to have polyphonic keyboards or other ways to enter chords.

    2. 2-0-2-0-2-0, 4-6-6-5-0-0. These are pretty rich-sounding EADGBE chords you can use in your music. X-2-2-1-0-0 is an interesting Emaj variation. Something like X-11-X-10-X-11 is very useful as you can transpose it up & down the fret, many jazz chords are like that (do not contain open strings) as it allows to quickly change the key. As far as personal favorites, I like the mood of 9-9-11-9-9-11 and several 13th chords.

      Do I pass your test? Can I turn my Eurorack on now? Fingers crossed for your Blessing.

  3. it’s pathetic how many people come to one of many many many modular posts to whine about modular. i agree with the earlier post, perhaps there are deeper issues underlying such discontent. therapy is recommended.

  4. They’ve got their aesthetics down. Their website is very lush too but shame if as a new company they decided to completely omit microtonal. Maybe a future product down the line

    1. Inclusion of microtonal and other musical scales are being investigated. I have a couple of ideas floating around on implementation without cluttering the interface. Please keep in mind that it was a prototype I showed at Superbooth, and since this is a digital module at its core – the road ahead should include software updates unlocking functionality as we discover the need for them together 🙂

      I designed the module for my own use, and as I only care for the chromatic scale personally, I didn’t put any effort into developing the software needed to support multiple scales for the prototype.

      An expander is also in the works that should enable more advance use cases.

      I hope to have more updates soon!

      1. Rune, you provided a clear demo of a module that could serve many people well. You might want to add an email subscribe to your website for people who want to be updated.

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