Patterning 2 Drum Machine Adds Randomization Features, Ratcheting & More

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Olympia Noise Co. has announced Patterning 2, a major update to its circular drum machine app for iOS.

Patterning 2 introduces a wide range of new features and workflow improvements, including: pattern recording, parameter randomization, ratcheting, swappable drum kits, and a whole lot more.

Here’s what’s new in Patterning 2 :

Record Beats
Record patterns using the new drum pads page or with an external MIDI controller. 

Randomize (Almost) Everything
Randomize instrument parameters such as panning, filter cutoff and resonance, tuning, velocity and more.  Randomization can be automated on a per step basis.  

Next Generation Ratcheting
Creating stuttering beats with up to 8 divisions of a step.  Use the Ratchet Decay parameter to create growing or decaying velocities for ratchets. 

Drum Kit Switching
Create as many kits as you like within a song and apply them to any number of patterns.  Switch samples, effects, and mixer settings when changing patterns to subtly modify parameters or load a completely different palette of sounds.

Quantized Pattern Launch
Switch patterns on the fly and never miss a beat.

Coarse Tune Quantize
The coarse tune parameter can be quantized to specific intervals, making melodic sequencing a breeze.  Combine with randomization to create stochastic melodies.  Works with MIDI out, too!

Pattern Tempo Changes
Patterns can now override (or revert back to) the song tempo, optionally slewing gradually to new tempos.

Loop Rotate
Set the initial rotation of a loop, offsetting the loop to start on a different step or slide off the grid altogether.  Steps can be nudged by single ticks or by regular sub-divisions of a step.

Sample Folders
Easily organize your samples into folders for quick sample loading.

Divide Mode Measure Length
In loop divide mode you can now set the measure length for the loop.  So go ahead and divide that measure of 7/8 into 23 equal parts, because you can.

Automation Improvements
Automation recording now latches on with the record button.  New automation layers include parameter randomization, ratchet settings, and MIDI gate length.

 Ableton Link Updates
Patterning 2 uses the latest version of Ableton Link, with Start/Stop and now includes support for Link’s quantum setting.

MIDI Gate Length  & Unlimited CC Layers
Automate MIDI Gate Length for MIDI tracks. Gates longer than 100% will tie together with the following step, if present, to create longer note lengths.  Unlimited CC automation layers for controlling your MIDI devices. 

MIDI Only Tracks
You can now disable audio for a track to make it MIDI only.

Loads of Other Improvements
Streamlined MIDI setup from the Pattern editor, file system improvements, faster loading times and major under-the-hood improvements.  

Pricing and Availability

Patterning 2 is expected to be released in June/July of 2018. It’s available to pre-order now on the App Store at a 25% discount.

18 thoughts on “Patterning 2 Drum Machine Adds Randomization Features, Ratcheting & More

  1. do you guys know all of the features of patterning version 1 that they implemented for free?…. I don’t care what they charge for Patterning v2 it’s definitely worth it!

  2. Buy the new version as independant developers need to make a leaving with software that requires months/years of work, is sold for a small amount and get updated otherwise for free forever.

    1. a leaving eh? i swear my iq suffers each time i read the comments here. the point people are trying to make is:
      they are not doing the new version from scratch so the upgrade price for v1 users should not be the full amount of the v2 cost.

  3. No AUV ??? sorry this is the only feature I need to make pattering perfect…. I would buy the new version but only with auv support….

  4. if the price is the same for the v1 users and non-customers then the v2 is not an upgrade but a new piece of software and should be written up as such. this article may be misleading imo.

    i take pleasure in supporting dev´s and dont mind shelling out for apps, even if i dont plan using them much.
    however having no upgrade path as an early supporter irritates me and i dont think i will be purchasing any apps from dev´s with such strategies. just a matter of principle.

    1. I think its worth mentioning then that Apple does not provide any kind of functionality allowing developers to provide an upgrade price for original users. I suspect if it were possible, many devs would offer this.

      1. yes i was wondering about this and actually i think the devs are in a very difficult situation with apple on the whole. there actually might not be a direct upgrade path available, which is again a typical idiocy by apple, but surely there are some ways to mitigate this. either via IAP or discount codes.
        infact i have bought BM3 the second it was out, but it was clearly a complete overhaul. full price for an upgrade is just not fair no matter the circumstances and dev´s, difficult as it may be, should be proactive about doing their userbase justice. they could even offer free soundpacks to offset the difference. its just a matter of principle again.

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