LoopLords Intros ‘Midnight Piano’ Acoustic Piano Plugin

LoopLords has introduced Midnight Piano, a new virtual instrument plugin that they describe as ‘an intimate acoustic piano that doesn’t requires a super computer to run’.

Midnight Piano features all the notes of a Yamaha grand piano, sampled at multiple velocities. The resulting virtual instrument is 1 gig in size, featuring 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo samples.

Audio Demos:


Pricing and Availability

Midnight Piano is available now for US R19.

One thought on “LoopLords Intros ‘Midnight Piano’ Acoustic Piano Plugin

  1. The examples are nicely intimate and woody-sounding, but parlor piano isn’t the goal very often. Pound out a bit of Rachmaninoff so we can hear it roar, or not.

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