How To Convert A Stompbox Effect Into A Eurorack Module

Here’s a quick look at converting a stompbox effect into a Eurorack module.

The video, via LeoMakes, assumes that you’re starting from a working guitar pedal board that runs on a 9 volt battery, and that you want to run it on standard Eurorack power.


  • 0:38 – The plan
  • 4:49 – The build
  • 8:01 – Hear it in action

His previous video, embedded below, covers the build of the actual distortion pedal board.

4 thoughts on “How To Convert A Stompbox Effect Into A Eurorack Module

  1. Cool sound but isn’t the Rat intended for instrument level signals? Sometimes it’s fun to plug a synth straight into a pedal but it’s never ideal. I wouldn’t want a module that doesn’t match the impedance of everything else in my system.

    1. since there is a mini pcb needed for the violate regulator ( btw i would spend a head sink just in case the existing effect is hungry for current) a simple input and output opa to just voltage and impenitence should be not the problem.. if u do both input and output as simple as possible with a simple sum schematic there will also no phase shift just in cased…at least i would do it that way … i’m not sure to buy the new ocean 11 reverb and put it in to my euro rack that way … with used gear its not a problem just open a fresh new device is hard for me 😉

  2. you can run a RAT at +15v – no need for a 9v regulator – some pedals use a charge pump to get +/- 12 or higher to get more headroom…also, if you are concerned about feeding higher levels to the pedal just attenuate the input with a potentiometer

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