What’s Elektron Introducing Next?

Elektron today shared this teaser video for something new that they’re introducing February 26, 2020.

Overbridge 2.0? An entry level synth groovebox? An ear with a hand?

Official details are still to be announced, so check out the video and let us know what you think they’ve got coming!

Update: Elektron has released additional teaser videos, embedded below:

56 thoughts on “What’s Elektron Introducing Next?

  1. Frankly, I’m a very patient Elektron User (Digitakt & Digitone) and I love these boxes, but reading anything about new products while still waiting for Overbridge to see the light of day really makes me angry, to say the least…

  2. I am very impatient Elektron user (Digitone and AK, and eagerly craving for more) and I am indifferent about Overbridge. It worked for me quite some time. If anything, I only wish that they coud get past the “beta” phase. so that some people could get peace in their minds.

  3. I really hope they release a statement that says “Overbridge canceled, we would like to focus on hardware so if you want software integration, buy everything else with ableton integration, everything else has it, we want to stand-alone in the literal sense, not like the mpc live or akai force. Actual hardware standalone! Peace Out- Elektron!”

    Then all of those overbridge tears will clear up and the oceans will shrink. Anyways, hoping for an FX box in the same form factor of the digi boxes. Granular FX, reverb, delay and some other combinations of FX like the SP 555 (filter+distortion, delay+pitch shifter, reverb + eq, etc).

    1. Or it is a model:FM. A dressed down digitone, if a model:samples is a dressed down digitakt. Then all we need to do is wait for model:heat…

  4. another entry level device would be sweet. The model samples is a ton of fun IMO and a great price. I would definitely get another elektron device at a similar price point.

  5. NiCE!!!! New Elektron hardware is pretty exciting. I own Digitakt and Digitone and could not possibly care less about OverBridge. I’ve always and will continue to record it the old school way into my DAW. Not a problem at all.

    Seems like some kind of granular sample manipulation thing. Maybe…….?

    What I would LOVE to see from Elektron is a performance mixer kinda like the Roland MX-1 but Elektron-ified!!!! That would be so amazing!

  6. I used to think all the people complaining about Overbridge on Elektronauts were just salty, then I actually installed and tried to use it (after ensuring firmwares were up to date and doing everything that was suggested by Elektron). Long story short, I wasted many many hours and suffered many OS crashes. I uninstalled it and went back to recording via soundcard, which actually works. I’m glad Overbridge works for some people, though I suspect that those with more gear and more complicated systems have less luck with it. I now understand why the salt exists. I’m salty. too. I want Elektron to deliver a product that works for me and the many other unhappy users, as promised in their promotional materials.

  7. One of the most forward thinking, influential and creative companies producing music equipment today teases some new gear and most of the comments are actually complaints about Overbridge. How lame. If you’re using their equipment to create art you’re proud of and happy with do you really need Overbridge? I’m guessing not. I’ll also guess you’re probably smart enough to realize the time you’re wasting complaining is time you could’ve spent using your talent to create more art.

  8. Overbridge Canceled! Sorry. We already got your money and are now focused on getting more of it with new hardware products. We are not a software company and never should have undertook such an endeavor. Our bad. But hey, our gear is awesome right, just use it like it was intended to be used, as hardware. If you’re still crying about overbridge after about 5-6 years then you’re just complaining for complaining sake. Overbridge will bring us no revenue unless we introduce a subscription model, when we mentioned it, people went crazy but expect us to produce a software integration platform thats like 100x’s better than a simple VST or web editor. Again, our bad.


    1. THey should release a simple vst editor, TBH. Vst editor are made for profesisonal use. USB audio is for people that don’t want to pay for soundcards ? I mean… How ridiculous is that ? VST EDITORS ARE THE SHIT. Anyway, I have Overbridge working, but I don’t use audio via USB. For peace of mind/ Stability sake, I’d like to use something way simpler.

    1. it has worked fine for me for a long time now on my 8-year-old win 10 pc… i have no doubt that for at least some of these complainers the problem is on their end.

  9. omg it’s so great. They’re finally fixing the fatal problem with the Digitone, which is that when repeating the same note, the same voice is used, leading to a maddening click if the release is long. Finally!

  10. A ROMpler with a removable touch strip you can sit on, so you render pitch bends with your butt.

    I feel the pain of those for whom Overbridge ate it, but you can’t call yourself a real synthesist until you’ve weathered at least five screwings from wild OS changes, company failure, format orphanings, etc. Gold stars to those of you who shrug and roll with things as audio. Save early, save often, make safeties until people laugh at you and end up saving your own hard work.

    I also vote for “something a bit more entry-level.” Its a smart move more companies are adopting, from Korg to Modal. I find the Elektron OS world to be convoluted, but each of us migrates towards several manufacturers whose designs grab us the most. I’ve heard some great music from them. Its no guarantee, but if one of Jarre’s band members can play everything they make on tour, it also speaks well of their builds.

  11. Model: Rompler Keys without sequencer, arpegiator, midi. Monophonic. With build in speaker.
    Oh, no, it’s to early for now, it’s secret device of Elektron for 2022.

  12. Bought my Rytm 2014. Now – six years later. SIX YEARS LATER they are still having the Overbridge in beta. Lucky for me I gave up with OB around 2016. Still an awesome drum machine regardless.


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