Novation Offers Sonible Balancer As A Free Download

Novation has announced Sonible Balancer, a new audio effect that automatically optimizes the spectral qualities of sounds.

It’s available now as a free download.

Here’s what Novation has to say about it:

Balancer is an audio processor that brings out the best in any source signal. It is designed on the principle that a creative producer’s time is best spent shaping their sound, not getting bogged down in the technicalities. Balancer epitomizes that approach, delivering powerful results, fast, with a simple user interface.

Balancer analyses the input signal, then applies adaptive smart filters to optimize the spectral qualities of the sound, based on a chosen sonic profile: Vocal, Guitar or Drums, for example. The intensity slider adjusts the amount of the effect applied, and the Flavour setting tailors the sound further by switching the overall character between Neutral, Warm and Bright.

Pricing and Availability

Sonible Balancer is available as a free download through May 4th 2020.

8 thoughts on “Novation Offers Sonible Balancer As A Free Download

  1. Novation are really impressive with their customer support – freebies and some great updates to products like the bass station and circuit. 🙂

  2. Tested and approved. A little short learning time. I tried it on a very old mp3 containing a tune I did years ago. Totally ruined by lowres mp3 artifacts – and way too bright it was. The Balancer deffo does something. Not sure I will use it on newer stuff – but totally great for improving older crap in less than a minute.

  3. Thanks Novation. Looking forward to trying this out.

    Would still really really love a new Components style Mininova editor!

  4. I works on most things. However there are tracks i dont like the result on. The medium Setting makes it too harsch, The High setting makes them unbearable and the Low too muddy. On an average and big number of tracks though the plugin can do wonders. Would love a version where one can fine adjust a bit more. Like a simple Eq for the Wet signal in the plugin

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