Bob Moog Bio

What would the world of electronic music be like without the inventions of Bob Moog? Bob Moog’s namesake analog synthesizers have affected popular music in ways he might not have expected back in 1954, when he began building theremins with his father. But 50 years later, Bob’s musical instruments have catapulted so many styles of… Read More Bob Moog Bio

Mac Universal Binary Applications

Macintosh Universal Binary applications are ones that run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Mac computers. These are sometimes referred to as Mactel versions, because they run and the Macintosh Intel-based machines. Mactel Music Applications: Airfoil AudioExpress AudioLeak –  an Leq (Long-Term Equivalent Level) analyzer for audio files. CastAway – Wooden Brain Concepts Crystal Synth… Read More Mac Universal Binary Applications

Symphonic Electronica

This style grows out of the tradition of classical orchestral music and features synthesized orchestration. It often features melodies and harmonies that are neo-romantic in style. The best orchestral electronica uses electronics as an important element in a wider palette of instruments, to create new types of orchestration that would be impossible using traditional instruments.… Read More Symphonic Electronica