Synthtopia + littleBits Synth Kit + Synth Pro Pack Giveaway

littleBits_Synthtopia-make-music-sweepstakesSynthtopia has teamed up with littleBits for a “make music sweepstakes” giveaway.

The prize? The littleBits Synth Kit, along with the new Synth Pro Pack:

  • littleBits’ Synth Kit ($159.95 value), released in partnership with Korg, allows the user to “do music DIY” using prebuilt modules. Synth Kit “bits” include Power Oscillator Random Keyboard, Micro Sequencer, Envelope, Filter (MS-20 style), Delay, Mix, Split, and Synth Speaker.
  • littleBits’ Synth Pro Pack ($139.95 value) consists of MIDI, CV, and USB I/O modules, enabling the user to connect the kit to additional equipment in the music studio.

littleBits is accepting giveaway entries through May 8, and you can enter on the littleBits website.

FeelYourSound Debuts Sundog Scale Studio 2.0


FeelYourSound has just released a new version of their electronic songwriting studio, calling updated Sundog Scale Studio 2.0 “the biggest update yet.”

Sundog is a standalone composition software that connects to any DAW via MIDI. With Sundog, the user is able to develop new chord progressions, melodies, bass lines, and arpeggios “within minutes.”
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Sonic Faction Dips Into Kontakt Ecosystem With Whoosh Machine

Sonic Faction, a longtime maker of creative devices for Ableton, has expanded to the Native Instruments Kontakt platform with their new plug-in, Whoosh Machine.

Sonic Faction describe Whoosh Machine as an “enigmatic” FX creation tool which takes advantage of the Kontakt script programming language, ideally suited to creating all types of electronic, cinematic and experimental music.
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iDensity Update Adds Multi-Channel Granular Synthesis


apeSoft has released iDensity 2.0 – an up to its iOS ‘granular playground’.

iDensity offers: time/pitch shifting, time/pitch jittering, intricate textures, grain fountain/pulverizer, recording and manipulation of buffers, complex scrub pad exploration, dynamic envelope shape and more.

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