Free Patch Editor For The Roland TB-3 Bassline Synthesizer


Zhimsound has released an unofficial Windows patch editor for the Roland TB-3 Bassline Synthesizer.

The Roland TB-3 Editor is a free patch editor that runs both as a VST and standalone.

Zhimsound notes that updates are planned, including having the graphics redone by a graphic artist. But it’s available to try now as a free download or ‘donationware’. Continue reading

Free Quad Attenuverter & Offset Generator For Reaktor Blocks

attenuverterAmazing Machines has released AM103 Quad Attenuverter & Offset Generator – a free module for Reaktor Blocks.

AM103 can be used as a ‘Command Center’ for all Modulations within a Patch, taking care of Modulation Levels and Offsets, as well as individually Muting Modulation Sources.


  • 1 Reaktor Block
  • 4 CV Inputs with Dedicated Attenuverters
  • Mute Switch per CV Input
  • 4 Offset Generator

Here’s the official preview: Continue reading

Free Download – Native Instruments Stems Creator


Native Instruments has released Stem Creator, previously available as a beta release, as a free download for Mac & Windows.

Stem files use the .mp4 container format to store the four individual stems of a track within a single file. Using the file extension .stem.mp4, this single file can be managed just like an mp3 file.

Here’s a video intro to the format: Continue reading