Three Free Audio Sample Libraries

techno-loopsFunction Loops is giving away three sample libraries, offering close to 1 GB of loops and samples, as free downloads.

The free sample libraries include:

  • HARP (sub-label) sampler – 106 samples and loops covering EDM, Dubstep & Deep House genres.
  • Label Sampler Vol.3 – a taste of FL’s best-selling sample packs from the last months of 2013. Included are around 20 samples from each pack, close to 600MB of loops and samples.
  • Techno Drum Box - Fits great in genres like Tech-House, Progressive House, Techno , Tribal-Tech and many other low-bpm creations. All loops come in full/top/kick-only & stripped versions.

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Free Sample Library From Mo Features Dirty Bass Muff Pi Mangling

bass-big-muff-sample-libraryLiVing Mo has released a free audio sample library, You Dirty Dirty Mono, which features samples mangled with the EXH Big Muff Pi effects pedal:

My loyal RS7000 running straight to the grimy Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi pedal.
With the combination of the RS internal Lo-Fi fx, we got all mono, dirty audio phrases.

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Free Roland TR-606 Sample Library

cassette-deckTomislav Zlatic of Bedroom Producers Blog has released Cassette 606, a free drum sample pack containing raw and tape processed Roland TR-606 samples.

Each drum hit of a modded Roland TB-606 drum machine (Exfade mod) was recorded at different pitches, (something that wouldn’t be possible with a factory TR-606). These raw samples were then recorded to a Cr02 cassette tape at two different gain settings, resulting in a set of overdriven drum hits with a lovely lo-fi character.

The final product features three drum kits, for a total of 128 samples in 24-bit WAV format. The pack also includes mappings for the Poise drum sampler. Continue reading

Free Live Pack Features The Sounds Of The Moog Minitaur

moog-minitaur-faceLivid Instruments has released another in its series of free Ableton Live packs, featuring the deep sounds of the Moog Minitaur analog synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Moog Minitaur seems about as simple as a synth can be. A couple oscillators, some modulators, a classic filter. Done, right? Not really. This recreation of the classic Taurus bass synth has been updated for the modern synth geek, with several parameters under the hood that can be tweaked with MIDI, creating a maze of possibilities true to its namesake’s legend.

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Get 500MB Of Free Drum Loops For Live

free-sample-librarySample Magic and Ableton have teamed up to give you 500MB of free drum loops.

The sample library offers house, techno, electro, progressive, dubstep, D&B, chillout and chillwave loops.

Totaling 410 24-bit Wav loops, each one has been optimized for use in Ableton Live 9. Sample Magic loops are offered with up to four stripped variants for arrangement flexibility and tempo-synced (90-174bpm) for convenience.

Here’s an audio preview: Continue reading