Zaquencer Firmware Turns Behringer’s BCR2000 Into A Hardware MIDI Step Sequencer


Developer Christian Stöcklmeier contacted us to let us know about Zaquencer – a custom firmware for the Behringer BCR2000 (above) that turns the popular MIDI controller into a standalone hardware step sequencer.

Zaquencer does this by replacing Behringer’s firmware, which makes BCR2000 work as a MIDI controller, with a custom firmware that makes the BCR2000 work as a hardware step sequencer.

Here’s an overview of Zaquencer: Continue reading

Akai Pro Ships Four New MPK MIDI Keyboard Controllers


Akai Professional is now shipping four new MPK keyboard MIDI Controllers:

  • The 25 ­key MPK225 (above)
  • the 49 ­key MPK249
  • the 61 ­key MPK261, and
  • the ultra­portable MPK mini mkII.

According to Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill, “The new MPK series is huge leap forward–improving on the previous series, with more capability, more features, and industry ­leading software.” Continue reading