Native Instruments Adds VST Support, Invites Third Party Plug-In Development, More

Native_Instruments_at_Musikmesse_2015At Musikmesse 2015: Native Instruments has introduced three “major innovations” for their Komplete Kontrol keyboard portfolio:

  • NI announced the inclusion of the new Komplete Select instruments and effects suite with Komplete Kontrol keyboards,
  • a “significant update” to the Komplete Kontrol software,
  • and the debut of Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) – a new format allowing “deep integration” of third party plug-ins.

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Akai Pro Announces MIDImix Portable MIDI Mixer


Akai Professional
 announced today, at the 2015 Musikmesse, the introduction of its new MIDImix, a portable compact high-performance mixer.

The MIDImix combines a “high-performance” mixer with 8 individual line faders and a master fader, 24 control knobs (arranged 3 per channel), and 1-to-1 mapping with Ableton Live (Ableton Live Lite is included).

MIDImix users can send all the mixer’s settings to their DAW with a single press of a button, for management and control over the DAW’s functionality. In this way, artists can mix, modify and manipulate projects concurrently in real time, affording a wider array of creative options. Continue reading

Novation Announces Revamped LaunchKey Series

LaunchKey-49-key_RGB Novation has introduced the updated Launchkey MIDI keyboard controller series. They will be showing the revamped controllers in Frankfurt this week at the 2015 Musikmesse.

The Launchkey controllers have been upgraded with RGB velocity-sensitive pads that match the clip colors in users’ Ableton Live sessions, making workflow in session view “far more intuitive.” Continue reading

Livid Guitar Wing MIDI Controller: Now With Bluetooth LE Support

LIVID_GuitarWing_Bluetooth_LE_MIDILivid Instruments has announced that their Guitar Wing MIDI controller now supports the Bluetooth LE MIDI standard for Yosemite OS X and iOS 8.

The Guitar Wing works as a bridge between guitars and control of digital effects, DAWs, and digital instruments. With native Bluetooth LE MIDI connections, the wireless device shows up in the system like any hardwired MIDI controller.
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Alesis SamplePad Pro Review – ‘8 Pads Of Pure Awesomeness’

This video, via SPEARFISHER (Peter John) takes a look at the Alesis SamplePad Pro percussion instrument.

The SamplePad Pro has onboard sounds or can play custom sounds, via SD card. It has stereo output, headphone out and MIDI In/Out.

Npte: John notes that the ‘crosstalk’ issue he mentions in the video demo has been solved with the latest SamplePad Pro firmware update.  Continue reading

Versus Controller Introduction

Faderfox and Glanzmann DDS have introduced the VERSUS controller, a collaboration between Magda and NYMA.

The functions of the VERSUS controller are aimed at bridging the gap between live and DJ performances, at maximizing creative possibilities and at making the process as smooth and practical as possible.

Features include: a uniquely laid-out ‘V Section’, 32 fader commands, versatile MIDI integration and a solid aluminum design. Continue reading