Flection, ‘The Ultimate Waveshaper’, Now Available

flectionElephant Candy has released Flection – an app they describe as ‘the ultimate waveshaper for iPad’.

Flection is a precision tool for shaping your sound. It offers high quality stereo audio processing at very low latency, flexible control and multi-faceted visual feedback.

Waveshaping is typically known to work great for guitar distortion, but you can use Flection just as well with drums, vocals or synths. Continue reading

Sound Force Controllers Offers Custom MIDI Controllers For Software Synths


Dutch designer Nicolas Toussaint let us know about his line of boutique MIDI controllers, sold under the name Sound Force Controllers.

“A couple of years ago,” explains Toussaint, “I started to build a dedicated controller for the TAL-U-NO-LX synth plugin (the excellent model of the Roland JUNO-60).”

“It all started a bit of out of necessity,” he notes, “as I couldn’t replicate the analog synth experience in the box. I missed the touch and the fun of fiddling with the knobs. And so was my first product born, the SoundForce SFC-60,” (pictured above). Continue reading

The Sound Of Omnisphere 2

Spectrasonic 2, released last week, is one of the most anticipated software synths ever.

The first version 2.0 of any Spectrasonics instrument, the  updated Omnisphere features a host of new synthesis capabilities and includes thousands of new sounds.

This set of videos, via Michael Walthius, demos the factory presets included in the new Omnisphere 2 upgrade from Spectrasonics. Continue reading

New App, Rhythm Necklace, Lets You Explore The Geometry Of Rhythm

rhythm-necklace-appRhythm Necklace is a new ‘geometric sequencer’ for iOS, designed to let you explore the geometry of rhythm.

The concept of ‘Rhythm necklaces’ – circular representations of repeating patterns – comes from author Godfried T. Toussaint’s book, The Geometry of Musical Rhythm.

According to Toussaint, circular representations of rhythms show the underlying geometric properties that make them enjoyable, such as the degrees of evenness and symmetry.

And Toussaint has found that analyzing rhythms geometrically reveals relationships between rhythms the world over. For example, a core group of geometric algorithms are shared in rhythms iused in African, Cuban, Balkan, and Spanish folk music. Continue reading

SampleRobot Volca-X For Mac & Windows Now Available


SKYLIFE has released SampleRobot Volca-X – a new version of SampleRobot that’s designed to work with the Korg Volca Sample.

SampleRobot Volca-X is designed to let you:

  • play plug-in sounds on your Volca Sample,
  • sample vintage drum machines automatically,
  • slice all-in-one files,
  • store all your sample banks on hard disk,
  • rearrange sample slots,
  • use the stereo export options to mock stereo sample playback on the Volca Sample, etc.

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading