Karma-Lab Updates Four Korg Applications

karma-labKarma-Lab, the developer of KARMA interactive music technology featured in Korg workstations, has released a major update to four of its Korg-related software applications:

  • KARMA Kronos Software – for the Korg Kronos
  • KARMA M3 Software – for the Korg M3
  • KARMA M50 Software – for the Korg M50
  • KARMA Oasys Software – for the Korg Oasys

Version 2.2.9 of each program is available for both Mac and Windows. Continue reading

Roland Intros iPad Patch Editor For Jupiter-50 & Jupiter-80 Synthesizers; Should Other Companies Do The Same?

Roland today introduced JP Synth Editor (App Store link) – a free iPad patch editor for the Jupiter-50 and Jupiter-80 synthesizers.

Here’s a video introduction to the JP Synth Editor:

YouTube Preview Image

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Korg Intros Karma Kronos Software

Karma Kronos

Karma-Lab has released KARMA Kronos Software, a dedicated PC/Mac program for the Korg Kronos .

Designed by KARMA Developer Stephen Kay, KARMA Kronos (KK) allows you to go deeper into the world of the KARMA algorithmic music function, in ways that are not possible on the Kronos alone.

Here’s what Korg has to say about KARMA Kronos:

KK’s main features include the ability to develop your own Generated Effects (GE’s) or edit the factory GEs into new configurations. Import .MID files and grab phrases directly from the Kronos sequencer, and turn them into GEs, with all real-time controls assigned for instant variability. Then, upload the new GE’s to the Kronos’s 1536 User GE locations and take them on the road.

Rich Formidoni, Korg Technology Product Manager, says, “Being able to create and edit your own GEs greatly expands the potential of KARMA within the Kronos Music Workstation, making KARMA Kronos a must-have accessory.”

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More iPad Editors For Vintage Synths From iControlMIDI

YouTube Preview Image

iControlMIDI has announced several new members in its line of iPad MIDI controllers for vintage synthesizers and virtual synths.

Supported synths include:

  • MinimoogV
  • CS-80V
  • Chroma
  • MKS-50
  • Juno-1 or 2
  • MKS-70
  • MKS-80
  • DX7
  • TX81Z
  • Blofeld

The philosophy of iControlMIDI is 1-slider equals 1-function.   Continue reading

Korg Electribe MX Gets VST Editor, DirectEMX

YouTube Preview Image

DirectSynth has introduced DirectEMX, a VST Editor for the Korg Electribe MX that lets you control all sound-shaping parameters of the EMX-1 in your DAW.


  • Full parameters control and automation from a VST host software (5 Synth parts and 9 drum parts).
  • Interface specially designed for the EMX.
  • Total recall: The whole state of the EMX is saved in the DAW project and can be loaded back.
  • System-Exclusive dumps: Get all the patterns of your EMX in the DirectEMX interface, then modify and reverse-engineer existing patches easily.

DirectEMX is available now for PC (VST) for 25 EUR. A demo version is also available.

Akai Miniak Editor Gets Update

HyperSynth has released a v2 update to its Miniak-editor, a Windows software editor for controlling the Akai Miniak synthesizer in your DAW.

Miniak-editor can retrieve presets from Miniak memory or load them from hard drive into the editor. You can send a complete program to Miniak via sysex or change any parameter of synthesizer in real time.

Update details below. Continue reading