Twisted Tools Debuts Darkmorph Sound Library

Twisted Tools, the San Francisco-based software instrument and sound library company, has released Darkmorph, a new “sci-fi” sample library, focused on cinematic sound design and “dark groove” production.

Darkmorph features drums, impacts, bass morphs, pass-bys, ambience, user interface and robotic sounds, derived from both field recordings and designed sounds.

The package is made up of over 2.9GB of 24bit/96kHz metadata enriched .WAV files, along with the MP16e sampler for Reaktor and presets kits for Maschine, Ableton, EXS24, Battery, Kontakt and Reaktor.
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Aria Sounds Releases Catalyst Drum Sample Library For Kontakt

Aria Sounds recently released Catalyst, their “high end cinematic percussion” sample library. The library features drums and percussion instruments with four blend-able microphone positions (close, overhead, mid, far) for greater control over the sound, as well as up to five round robins per note, and multi dynamic layers.

Each drum in the Catalyst sample library was recorded with different types and sizes of sticks/mallets; and when combined with the multiple microphone positions, there are a wide variety of different sounds that can be gotten from each instrument.
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Arpology ‘Sonic Animation Tool’ Now Shipping

Arpology, recently announced by Sonic Faction, is available for download today. A virtual instrument for Native Instruments’ Kontakt, Arpology is dedicated to arpeggiated/sequenced instruments.

The core of Arpology has been designed around Sample Logic’s Step Animator – a step sequencer and arpeggiator, combined into a single engine for animating complex melodic and rhythmic patterns on a per-step basis.

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Sample Logic Intros Arpology ‘Sonic Animation Tool’

Sample Logic today announced Arpology, their new virtual instrument for Native Instruments’ Kontakt.

According to the company, Arpology is the world’s first virtual instument dedicated entirely to arpeggiated/sequenced instruments.

Sample Logic describes Arpology as employing “an entirely new approach” to step sequencing. The core of Arpology has been designed around Sample Logic’s new, powerful “Step Animator” – a step sequencer and arpeggiator combined into a single engine for animating complex melodic and rhythmic patterns on a per step basis, thus eliminating the limitations of traditional sequencing.

Arpology is powered by Kontakt Player, and includes over 550 instruments and multis spanning a broad range of musical genres. It also comes preloaded with over 150 step animator preset patterns to enable the user to change the sound of any loaded instrument in real-time. Continue reading

Free Instruments For Ableton Live Feature Massive, Filthy Sounds Of Bass Station II

Francis_Preve_Bass-Station-IIProducer and sound designer Francis Prève has released a free Ableton Live Instrument based on the Novation Bass Station II.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“A few months back, I reviewed the Novation Bass Station II for Keyboard Magazine.

As modern analog synths go, the BSII packs a lot of analog power into a small footprint. So while I had it in my studio, I couldn’t resist snagging a few samples of it to share with everyone.

For those who aren’t up to speed on the Bass Station II, it’s a dual-oscillator analog monosynth with a sub-oscillator and tons of nifty filtering modes, along with a nasty little distortion. As the name implies, it excels at bass, so that’s the focus of this new pack.” Continue reading

Korg Debuts International Sound Collections for Pa-Series Istruments

Korg_Pa-Series_Sound_ShopToday Korg announced several new sound collections for their Pa-Series keyboard arrangers, via their “global Pa-Series Sound & Style Shop.” This online store expands the musical options for players of Korg’s keyboard arranger products with Sounds and Styles* in multiple musical genres, along with additional sounds to please any audience. Some of the sound collections are available as a free download; others are available for purchase.

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