Wave Alchemy Drum Tools 02 Now Available

Wave_Alchemy_Drum_Tools_02Wave Alchemy have released their latest drum sample library for electronic music production, Drum Tools 02.

Two years in the making, Drum Tools 02 boasts over 3,500 electronic drum samples and percussive hits, “crafted by hand” using an array of drum machines, analogue synths, foley recordings and acoustic sound sources. The samples were then processed individually, on a sound-by-sound basis, using a boutique collection of high-end outboard gear.
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Retronyms Intros iMPC Pro Packs

Retronyms has introduced iMPC Pro Packs – a new sample library format, tailored to iMPC Pro for iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about the iMPC Pro Packs:

The New AraabMuzik Sound Pack marks the debut of iMPC Pro Packs — these packs work as normal, but have enhanced integration with iMPC Pro.

As usual, iMPC Pro Packs can be used in hundreds of compatible apps, can be pasted in Garageband, and exported to use in desktop apps.

The real magic is when an iMPC Pro Pack is pasted into iMPC Pro using the “Paste All Feature”: the packs are laid out automatically as Programs in iMPC Pro complete with all parameters and designed to take advantaged of iMPC Pro’s features.

The initial AraabMuzik Pro Pack is available for US $7.99.

Output Announces Exhale – A Modern Vocal Synth Engine


Output has announced the release of Exhale, which they have dubbed “the first truly modern” vocal engine.

“As musicians, we’ve always wanted a vocal instrument that was cool, creative and modern,” says Output Founder Gregg Lehrman. “So we decided to build it!”

To develop EXHALE, Output enlisted a team of record producers, vocalists and sound designers to “capture, manipulate and shape” the vocal sounds.

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Hello? Hello? Pro Sound Effects Intros Telephony Collection

Ericsson_PMG-Type-137-AWSound Effects library-maker Pro Sound Effects has announced the Telephony Collection, a collection (surprise!) of sound effects from a wide range of telecommunication devices used throughout the twentieth century.

Recorded on location at the Telstra Museum in Australia by Stephan Schütze of Sound Librarian, this new library contains over 1,500 sound effects (2.6GB) of more than 50 different historical telecommunication devices, including both rotary and push-button telephones, payphones, switchboards, exchanges and clocks. Continue reading