CV Toolkit Updated With User-Requested Features


Spektro Audio’s Ícaro Ferre let us know a major update to CV Toolkit – a set of software modules that you can use to control, modulate and sequence your synthesizers via control voltage (CV).

“The new 2.2 update is quite significant,” says Ferre, “because it adds many user-requested features, such as the ability to save and restore calibration files (which speeds up the workflow quite a lot), save and delete custom scales, adjustable MIDI Pitch Bend range, re-designed Layouts and many others.”

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Novation Intros Blocs Wave Beatmaking App For IOS


Novation today introduced a new sub-brand, Blocs, focusing on app development and a new beatmaking app for iOS, Blocs Wave.

Blocs Wave is a music creation app designed for touchscreen beatmaking. Here’s a performance demo: Continue reading

Liine Skram – A Streamlined Virtual Studio For iPad

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Liine, creator of the Lemur MIDI controller platform for iOS, has introduced Skram, a virtual studio that features four virtual instruments and sequencing features designed to streamline beat making.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading

2020 A New Semi-Modular One-Screen Beat Machine


2020 is a new semi-modular beat machine for OS X, designed for beat making and real-time compositions.

2020 is based on two ideas:

  • Generate a million sound/sequence variations from a single, small idea.
  • Make entire beats in just one screen. (without scrolling or switching windows)

It’s being developed via a Kickstarter project. Here’s the project video: Continue reading

New App For Live Remixing On iOS, C3N Loops


c3n loops is a new app for iOS, designed for live remixing of loop-based music.

The interface is designed to let you navigate and play with loops on an ‘infinite surface’. Automatic tempo matching lets you mix anything with everything. And you can sync hardware and apps to c3n loops via MIDI sync and work with other apps via AudioBus.

Here’s a performance demo, with C3N being used as part of a hardware setup, with Korg Volca Keys and Volca Bass: Continue reading

Acoustica Updates Mixcraft With One-Click Publishing, More

Acoustica_Mixcraft7_screen_performance_panelAcoustica has released the latest update of their Mixcraft recording software. Mixcraft 7.7 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 7.7 boast a new one-click “publish” feature allowing for one-click sharing of music and videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Vimeo, or Twitter.

Mixcraft has been optimized for use with the new Windows 10 operating system, and Mixcraft 7.7’s audio mixing threads are now afforded the “absolute highest priority” on Windows 10, so other system functions won’t interrupt the music. Additionally, when Mixcraft 7.7 is used with low-latency Windows 10 audio drivers, it is now possible to achieve audio latency as low as 5 ms while still allowing other applications to share your audio device.
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