Synth Jam In The Park, With An iPad, Volca Keys & A Wooden Box

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Perplex On, captures a synth jam in the park, featuring an iPad, a homemade wooden box (used as a trigger for the Impaktor app), a Korg nanoKontrol and a Korg Volca Keys.

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IK Multimedia Launches SampleTank Custom Shop

sampletank-custom-shopIK Multimedia has introduced SampleTank Custom Shop, a new intro version of SampleTank 3.

SampleTank Custom Shop comes with a fully functional library of 30 instruments — including 8 completely new instruments and the widely acclaimed Grand Piano 1 SE — that can be edited, manipulated and customized. SampleTank Custom Shop also lets you browse, purchase and play the growing collection of SampleTank 3 Instruments available in the Custom Shop — including the new Alan Parsons Grand Piano, American Acoustic Guitar, Neil Peart Drums, Billy Cobham Drums, Future Synths and more.

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Max for Cats Unleashes Lite OSCiLLOT

Max for Cats have released a free “Lite” version of OSCiLLOT, a
polyphonic modular synthesis system for use with Max for Live. The Lite version of OSCiLLOT comes with 26 modules and features three voices of polyphony.

The company has also released an update (v1.1) to the full-featured OSCiLLOT, which brings Max 7 compatibility and introduces a new Macro Mapping feature to the software.

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AAS Releases Percussive ‘Transparency’ Sound Bank

aas-transparencyApplied Acoustics Systems has released the Transparency sound bank for the Ultra Analog VA-2 synthesizer and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with artist and sound designer Daniel Stawczyk a.k.a. Status.

Transparency is sound designer Daniel Stawczyk’s fourth title in AAS’ Sound Bank Series and his third for Ultra Analog VA-2. The 149 presets explore the percussive nature of AAS’ analog synthesizer. Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, and Percussion loops are bundled along with Ambient, Synth, and Effect sounds. According to the company, Transparency aims to yield pulse, motion, and relief to your tracks. Continue reading

Spectrasonics Updates Omnisphere With New Patch Sharing Features

Spectrasonics-omnisphere2Spectrasonics has updated Omnisphere to version 2.1, adding a feature for sharing user sounds and a new Library Publishing capability.

“Now third-party developers of patch sets for Omnisphere 2 have a simple way to create and offer custom libraries,” says Spectrasonics’ Founder and Creative Director, Eric Persing. “There’s no need for installers or complicated instructions for moving files around directories deep in the system folders. And because it’s so easy to share sounds and ideas now, we feel this will be a huge boon for social media user groups discussing tips and patch creation. This is a big opportunity for our users everywhere. We look forward to seeing and hearing what develops!” Continue reading