The Best New Mobile Music Apps Of 2015

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Best of 2015
: We asked and you voted on the Best New Mobile Music Apps of 2015.

Synthtopia readers picked Olympia Noise Co’s Patterning Drum Machine as the best new mobile music app of 2015. Patterning could be the poster child using mobile devices for music, pairing polyrhythmic + polymetric power with a great UI and an surprisingly modest price tag (US $7.99).

The granular synth app Borderlands 2.0 took the second spot in our reader’s poll, followed by Ableton Link – which is not a conventional app, per se, but a new technology that makes it easier to jam with multiple mobile and desktop devices.

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Taylor Holliday On Audulus 3, Music Apps On The iPad Pro & More


Audulus developer Taylor Holliday

Earlier this month, developer Taylor Holliday released Audulus 3 – a major update to his modular audio app for iOS, Mac & Windows.

Now that Audulus 3 is available, Holliday had time to answer some questions about his background, the new Audulus release, his thoughts on the iPad Pro and more. 

Synthtopia: For readers that may not be familiar with Audulus yet, give us your ‘elevator pitch’ summary of what it is and why electronic musicians should check it out….. Continue reading

Waves Audio Now Shipping Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth

Waves_Audio_Elements_2-0Waves Audio is now shipping  Element 2.0 – a virtual analog synth for Mac & Windows that they say is perfect for ‘searing leads, gritty basses, lush pads, electro-percussion, sequential motions, mind-blowing FX and lots more’.

Element 2.0 includes five integrated effects, a 16-step sequencer, MIDI learn for all controls, and a massive, fully tweakable preset library.

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Beep Street Intros Dagger Circuit-Modeled Monosynth


Beep Street has introduced Dagger – a new monophonic synthesizer, for Mac & Windows, based on circuit-modeling technology.

According to the developer, “Dagger captures the spirit of analogue synths, but does not try to emulate any of them, its designed from the ground up to bring you its own distinctive, bold character.”

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AAS Releases ‘Simple and Fun’ Ultra Analog Session 2

Applied_acoustics_Systems-ultra-analog-2Applied Acoustics Systems has released Ultra Analog Session 2 for Mac OS X and Windows.

Ultra Analog Session 2 unfolds as a “simple and fun” synthesizer. At the synth’s core is a hard sync oscillator-and-filter duo, supplemented by a powerful unison for a rich and modern sound. In addition, key synthesis controls, an arpeggiator, and a multi-effect module complete the package.

The factory library comprises 144 presets divided into the Arpeggio, Bass, Lead, Pad, and Polysynth categories. Artists, producers, and long-time AAS collaborators Richard Devine and Sean Divine have contributed 50 signature presets each to this collection.
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