Digital Warrior – An Open-Source Compact MIDI Controller


The Digital Warrior is an open-source compact MIDI controller, with built in step-sequencer and more.

Key Feature:

  • Built in 16 voice 32-step sequencer. 64 uneque patterns permanently stored on the device
  • Traktor Remix decks mapping for on the fly dynamic loops. optimized for ableton live drum racks
  • 4 smooth potentiometers, 16 banked RGB button pads and 2 endless tri-color encoders
  • 164 uniquely mapable elements for total control. customizable MIDI behavior
  • Aluminum enclosure

Here’s a demo of Digital Warrior in action: Continue reading

The Heineken Scenthesizer – ‘Music Will Never Smell The Same’

scent-delivery-systemHeineken and scent marketing firm AllSense have teamed up to create one of the strangest DJ accessories we’ve seen – the Scenthesizer.

With the Scenthesizer, the two claim to be ‘pushing boundaries in music and scent’.

In a nutshell, the system allows on-the-fly mixing of scents, which are then delivered on cue into the audience. The idea is to take DJing, which already incorporates sound and light, and add controlled scents to the experience.

Here’s the official intro video for the project: Continue reading

Audio Artery’s One DJ Boasts Customizable Timeline Edit

Audio Artery have launched One DJ, a customizable all-in-one solution for DJ-ing, and creating mixes and mashups, with a “revolutionary” Timeline Edit Mode.

One DJ also features a fully customizable user interface with smart audio routing.

Customizable Timeline Edit. Developers tout One DJ as the first DJ software to feature a timeline for music, previously only found in studio software. Each deck in One DJ can be turned to Timeline Edit mode which also allows on-the-fly mixing and remixing, even while DJing live, and without the need to use a separate software. Decks can be scratched, looped and pitched with minimal latency in Timeline Mode. Projects and mixes can be saved or exported to audio for later use or sharing. Continue reading

King Britt Update On The Upcoming Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit & More

DJ & producer King Britt is in the Asheville area this week. Chris Stack of experimentalsynth caught up with Britt for an update on what he’s doing at the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF), during the week with The Bob Moog Foundation and at the Mountain Oasis Festival Electronic Music Summit with Pia Ercole.

The Top 100 DJs Of 2013


DJ Mag has announced its take on the Top 100 DJs of 2013, and Dutch progressive & electro house DJ Robbert van de Corput, aka Hardwell has come out on top.

Hardwell is trailed by Top 100 regulars in the top 5:

  • Hardwell
  • Armin Van Buuren
  • Avicii
  • Tiesto
  • David Guetta

About the ranking, Hardwell says “I have so many people I’d like to thank, but none more so than the fans. They have been incredible; their support at my shows and with my music has been out of this world. You really are the best fans in the world.”

Meanwhile, this is what deadmau5 had to say about the ranking:


See the full DJ list below and let us know what you think of it!
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