Cross DJ For Android Updated

Mixvibes has released a new version of their DJ app for Android devices, Cross DJ Pro.

The updated Cross DJ Pro has several new features:

  • Color: users can change the color of each deck (7 colors available, 49 combinations)
  • New portrait view switches device orientation to a portrait view – a single player, bigger controls
  • Multiple design/interface improvements, from the library (redesigned in accordance with Android Lollipop standards) to the beatmatcher
  • “Drastic” performance enhancements, including decoding engine, track loading time and battery consumption
  • Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 support

Pricing & availability. Cross DJ Pro is available now, for 4,99€ / $4.99 / £4.99, via the Google Play store.  There is also a “lite” free version. The update is free for all current users.

Native Instruments Releases More Info On New ‘Stems’ Format

stem-creator-toolNative Instruments has released more info on its new Stems format – an open audio file format that basically contains four ‘stem’ tracks (for example – bass, drums, melody & vocals) along with the full mix. The format is designed to simplify live remixing of tracks, because it provides a standard way to deliver remix-friendly audio.

Here’s their video overview of Stem files: Continue reading

Build A Custom DJ Booth With Stuff From IKEA (Kallax + Capita + Lack)

Producer Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle, Soundtrack Loops and Loop Cartel) shared this video today, which demonstrates how to build a custom DJ booth using stuff from IKEA.

Donnelly wanted a custom DJ booth, with plenty of storage for a large LP collection – so he built it, using a collection of cheap stuff from IKEA (Kallax + Capita + Lack). This video captures the highlights of his build – and also some mistakes he made along the way that you’ll want to avoid! Continue reading

NI Now Shipping Traktor Kontrol D2

Native Instruments today announced the release of Traktor Kontrol D2, their latest performance-oriented DJ deck.

The touch-sensitive controls on the compact Traktor Kontrol D2, and its full-color display provide “seamless” Traktor workflow, along with a host of features for multi-channel mixing with the upcoming Stems open audio format. Continue reading

Should The EuroXFader, A DJ-Style Cross-Fader For Eurorack, Go Into Production?


Chris Blarsky of Ninstrument let us know about a new module design, the Euro-X-Fader, that brings DJ-style cross-fader control to Eurorack modular synthesizers.

The prototype Euro-X-Fader is shown above. It lets you do live cross-fading, and you can also use it as a CV controller for other modules.

Blarsky is wondering if there’s enough interest, among current Euro users or DJs, to merit moving the Euro-X-Fader into production.  Continue reading