Roland TR-8 Doubles Sound Options With 7X7 Expansion Pack


The Roland Aira TR-8 drum machine twice as interesting. Roland has announced the 7X7-TR8 Drum Machine Expansion pack, a new add-on for the TR-8 that adds two new drum machine sound libraries – TR-707 and TR-727.

All 30 original TR-707 and TR-727 sounds are there – each with Tune and Decay controls – opening up a whole world of sonic possibilities.

And, in addition to the TR-707 and TR-727 sounds, the 7X7 expansion includes new sounds inspired by the original 808/909 designs:

  • New TR-808 “noise” sounds and finger snaps bring more tonal variety; and
  • Modified TR-909 kick and snare sounds take the classic combo into new territory with enhanced attack characteristics.

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Bleep Labs’ BleepDrum In LittleBits BitLab Vote

LittleBits Electronics recently debuted their bitLab where users, prototypers, and designers can submit their idea for what the company should manufacture next.

LittleBits eCommerce Manager Phil DeGisi explains, “If the module gets enough votes from our community, we review it, and in many cases will manufacture it. If we manufacture it, the module designer gets 10% of the revenue. We like to say that it’s the app store for hardware.”

One bitLab submission that may be of particular interest to Synthtopia readers is The Bleep Drum by Austin, Texas-based Bleep Labs.

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