Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators First Look

This video, via BBoy Tech Report, offers a quick look a the new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator portable synthesizers.

All three models come without casing, with the components and artwork are visible directly on the printed circuit board.

The 2xaaa battery-powered pocket also come with a segment lcd screen, built in speaker, alarm clock and a stand made from bent wire.

All models also feature parameter locks, as well as synchronization functionality and they all have 3.5mm line in and line out.

Each model has its own set of effects, such as filters, bit-crushing, delay, stutter and many more. They are priced at $59 each.

Dave Smith Instruments Updates Tempest OS, Adding User-Requested Features

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest analog drum machine

Dave Smith Instruments has released a new operating system for the Tempest drum machine, adding user-requested features, new sounds, beats and projects and more.

The new operating system, OS 1.4, and the new sound set ship with newly purchased instruments. Continue reading

The Best New Electronic Music Hardware Of 2014


In our look back at the best of 2014, we’ve already looked at the 10 Best New Mobile Music Apps, the Best New Hardware Synths, the10 Best New MIDI Controllers & the Best New Modular Synth Gear.

There were also a lot of great electronic non-synth music hardware introduced in 2014 – including new drum machines, filters, sequencers and more.

Here’s our take on the best new electronic music hardware of 2014.  Continue reading

Roland TR-707 vs AIRA 7X7-TR8

Roland recently introduced the 7X7-TR8 Drum Machine Expansion pack, a new add-on for the TR-8 that adds two new drum machine sound libraries – TR-707 and TR-727.

This video, via harvistful, is an A/B test between the TR8 + 7X&-TR8 Expansion Pack combo vs the original Roland TR-707.  Continue reading