Nerdsynth Hardware Tracker Workstation (Sneak Preview)


The Nerdsynth is a hardware analogue and digital synthesizer, groovebox, sampler, tracker, visualizer, digitizer, music instrument and ‘experimentizer’ in one machine.

nerdsynth-sketchThe Nerdsynth has 6 polyphonic tracks:

  • One track is dedicated to the internal Nerdsynth soundship
  • A second track is a sampler track.
  • The 4 other tracks are connected to external sound cartridges which are inserted in the Nerdsynth. Those are the synthesizer cores/ soundchips of the ATMegatron, Meeblip Anode, DSP-G1 and Soundgin.
  • More cartridges are in development like a SID cartridge, YM/AY, OPL3 and several analogue and digital synthesizer designs.

This video demonstrates the latest Nerdsynth prototype: Continue reading

Novation Introduces Circuit, a ‘Grid-Based Groove Box’

Novation has introduced Circuit, a stand-alone, grid-based groove box.

Teased out by Novation with several weeks of “start something”-themed videos, Novation has positioned Circuit as an all-in-one solution for music creation:

“Sometimes, starting a track can be a difficult and daunting task…. We suffer from this problem too and wanted to create a solution.”

“We wanted something small and portable, something that doesn’t sound like a toy, something that gives maximum creative output from minimum input, something that encourages exploration and creates ‘happy accidents’. That’s why we created Circuit.”

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Ambient Music On A Korg Electribe Music Production Station

Sunday Synth Jam: There’s a long tradition in the world of electronic music of using gear in ways that the instrument’s designers did not expect.

Here’s an interesting synth jam, that features a musician taking an electronic and bending it to to his will.  Continue reading