Korg Volca Beats Design Offers Flexible Voicing, Easy Mods – If You Don’t Mind Voiding Your Warranty


Over the weekend, we shared information about a mod reader Darren Glen identified for the Korg Volca Beats. He noticed that there was an empty spot on the Volca Beats’ circuit board, and that modding the board by placing a capacitor in the empty spot resulted in a ‘crisper’ snare sound. Because of this, Glen speculated that the part may might have been left off by mistake during manufacturing.

We spoke with Korg about the board design and they confirmed that the Volca Beats is shipping as designed. “This was a purposeful design decision which gave us flexibility during voicing, and while that position does indeed exist on the board, it was not intended to be filled in the final production version.”

They added that “Tens of thousands of current Volca Beats owners have been pretty happy with what they bought.”

This highlights something very interesting about Korg’s recent analog instruments.

Korg wants their instruments to have their own sound. So, whether you like the snare sound on the Volca Beats or not, the drum machine ships sounding the way Korg intends it to.

But, unlike most instruments these days, if you don’t like the snare sound, or if you want to tweak the kick sound, or if you want to add individual audio outputs for each sound – Korg’s design makes these easy to mod. Continue reading

Teenage Engineering Debuts New Synth At Moogfest ‘Future of Music’ Panel


Photographer and electronic musician Robert Pluma has shared with us some tantalizing photos he shot at the “Future of Music” talk at last week’s Moogfest, including some shots of what appears to be a new Teenage Engineering synth, the PO-12.

Robert shares, “I wasn’t taking notes so I would suggest confirming details with TE, but from what I recall it … has a spring-loaded stand which doubles as a pitch bender when pressure is applied, includes 23 switches and two knobs (not sure if they’re rotary encoders or potentiometers), and has a built-in hang tab for retail display.”
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Korg Volca Beats Snare Distortion – Manufacturing Problem Or Design Decision?

korg-volca-beatsReader Darren Glen contacted us to let us know about something interesting he noticed on the Korg Volca Beats circuit boards.

Some Volca Beats owners are disappointed by the analog drum machine’s snare sound. Glen and others have identified a mod that gives the snare a less distorted sound. Here’s Glen’s demo of the mod: Continue reading