Symphonic Electronica Synth Jam – Analogous Structures, By Steven Morris

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a ‘video song’ style performance by synthesist Steven Morris, with Soundole (Peter Anthony Smith) on EWI.

It’s an original symphonic electronica composition, Analogous Structures. Continue reading

Inventor Paul Vo, On Acoustic Synthesis & The Vo-96 Guitar

When we have covered the Vo-96 Guitar on Synthtopia, readers’ comments have focused on ‘infinite sustain’ as the key feature, and compared the Vo Guitar’s technology to other sustain technologies.

But inventor Paul Vo‘s vision for ‘acoustic synthesis’ is much deeper than infinite sustain. Continue reading

Tribal Tools Kadabra Wireless Musical Instrument (Sneak Preview)

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At the 2016 NAMM Show, Tribal Tools introduced the Kadabra, a unique new wireless musical instrument.

The instrument is made of hardwood and combines electronics, software algorithms and ergonomic design.

There are 24 capacitive copper pipe keys carved into the lower part of the body, flanked by multicolored LED lighting. The upper section is home to 12 control buttons, three thumb buttons and three pressure sensors, six utility buttons and a wheel encoder. All of the buttons have been designed for durability and the lights correspond to scales, tones and functions to give the player a visual performance or learning reference.

Up to 16 different sounds can play simultaneously and motion sensors allow the player to control different parameters or produce specific sounds/effects with sharp or flowing movements.

Here’s a video intro: Continue reading

Roland EC-10 Electronic Layered Cajon Hands-On Demo

One of the more unusual introductions at the 2016 NAMM Show was the Roland EL Cajon EC-10 – an acoustic + electronic hybrid cajon that combines acoustic cajon performance with the ability to layer in 808 and other electronically-generated sounds.

So, if you’re looking for a hard kick in your cajones, look no further. Continue reading