Roland MX-1 Updated With Ableton Live Integration

Roland has released an update to the MX-1 performance mixer, adding Ableton Live integration and more.

Roland’s unveiled the new AIRA MX-1 Ableton Live mode at ADE 2015, with an exclusive performance from KiNK. In the video, above, KiNK launches Ableton Live clips and scenes from the MX-1, as well as controls effect sends and recording automation.  Continue reading

Motus Spatial Wireless Instrument Turns Gestures Into Sound


TZM Creative Lab has launched a crowdfunding project to fund the production of the Motus – an inexpensive ‘spatial wireless instrument’ that translates gestures into sound.

There’s a long history of gestural controllers in electronic music, notably the Buchla Lightning. The Motus is designed around current electronic technologies, though, which allows it to be very affordable – $79 or $49 for a DIY model. Continue reading

LinnStrument & MPE Support In Kyma 7

Symbolic Sound shared this video demo Kyma 7’s support for the Roger Linn Design LinnStrument, using Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) – a way of communicating expressive performance information over MIDI. Continue reading

The Fractal Harp Is Part Harp, Part MIDI Controller, Part Bass, All Frankeninstrument & Awesomely Mind-Blowing

This video captures a performance by Jay Wasco on his amazing Frankeninstrument, the Fractal Harp.

The Fractal Harp combines a 28-string slide harp, a 5-string bass, a USB keyboard MIDI controller with oak keys & the ‘Herb-Alpertron’ pitch-to-MIDI convertor.

In the video, Wasco performs Elegant City. Here’s what he has to say about the performance: Continue reading

Keith McMillen Teases New K-Board Pro 4 Expressive MIDI Controller

Keith McMillen Instruments today released this teaser video for the K-Board Pro 4 – a new $495 expressive keyboard MIDI controller.

The company has not announced details on the new K-Board Pro 4 yet, but it’s clear from the video that this builds on their experience with expressive MIDI controllers, but is much closer in form to a traditional keyboard.  Continue reading

Canon For Theremin & LoopStation

Sunday Synth Jam: Carolina Eyck is one of the world’s foremost theremin virtuosi, performing with orchestras around the world.

She’s also created an excellent series of performance and educational videos. In this video, the second in her ‘Theremin Session’ series, Eyck discusses and performs the Canon for Theremin and Loop Station by Christopher Tarnow. Continue reading