New Thorium AK-24 Bowman Keyboard Features Real Bowable, Bendable String


American Keyworks let us know about their unique new keyboard, the Thorium AK-24 Bowman, that combines a traditional piano keyboard with a real bowable, bendable string.

“We love keyboards!” they note. But they add, “We have always wished they sounded more ‘real’ than some of the microchip based stuff we had access to. So we built this new type of keyboard instrument that responds to bowing, drumming, slapping, and even feeds back if you crank it up.”

Here’s a video introduction to the Thorium AK-24 Bowman. Continue reading

How To Build A Laser Piano

how-to-build-a-laser-pianoElecFreaks has put together a DIY tutorial on how to build a laser piano.

Their laser piano is pretty MacGyver’d – housed in a cardboard box. But you could use their same approach to build the instrument in a sturdier case or even to make a laser harp.

Here’s a demo of the DIY laser piano in action: Continue reading

Roland Intros SH-101 Plug-Out Software Synthesizer


Roland today officially announced the SH-101 Plug-Out software synthesizer – described as a complete reproduction of the vintage SH-101.

The SH-101 is a monophonic synthesizer launched by Roland in 1982 that features a one-VCO > one-VCF > one-VCA > one-LFO synth architecture. Now Roland has released it as a plugin for Mac & Windows, and a ‘Plug-Out’ for the new Aira System-1.

Here’s an official video intro from Roland: Continue reading