Twisted Electrons Crush Bitcrusher


Twisted Electrons’ Crush is a tabletop effects unit that creates bit rate and sample rate reduction effects.

According to the company, “Crush can reveal interesting textures surprisingly rich in character and harmonics by lowering the sample rate and resolution of you sound.”

You can adjust the amount of distortion manually with the Crush knob, and/or add some modulation with the dual-shape LFO. Continue reading

TC Helicon Intros Ditto Mic Looper

ditto-mic-looperAt the 2015 NAMM Show, TC-Helicon introduced the Ditto Mic Looper, an updated version of the TC Electronic Ditto Looper.

According to the company, Ditto Mic Looper is ‘the perfect looping pedal for singers, beatboxers and acoustic performers’. It offers up to 5 minutes of looping time.

With just a Loop button, Stop/Erase button and an oversized loop level control, performers can build an idea into a full-sounding performance, with unlimited overdubs and undo/redo features. Continue reading

Synthtopia’s Best Of The 2015 NAMM Show


The 2015 NAMM Show was the biggest NAMM Show in recent memory and it was probably the biggest year ever for electronic music gear.

There were dozens of new synths, amazing new sequencers, new instruments, powerful new software synthesizers and an overwhelming number of new Euro and large format synth modules at the Show.

Here’s our take on the Best of the 2015 NAMM Show. Check out our picks, and then leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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The Vo Wand – Official Details & Pricing

At the 2015 NAMM Show, inventor Paul VO introduced the Vo Wand – a handheld sustain device that’s designed to give you direct control over the harmonics of strings.

The Wand is part of Vo’s broader interest in ‘acoustic synthesis’, implemented previously with the Moog Guitar, Moog Lap Steel Guitar and Vo 96 guitar.

Vo’s acoustic synthesis tools explore the idea of using electronics to control the amplitude of individual harmonics within vibrating strings. By controlling the harmonics within a guitar string over time, for example, you can synthesize new types of sounds that still are immediately recognizable as being ‘guitar’ sounds.

While the primary audience for the Vo Wand will be guitarists, Vo mentioned to us that it could be used for sound design with other string instruments and for experimenting with other objects that respond to electromagnetic energy.  Continue reading