The Realistic Moog MG-1 Synthesizer

The Realistic Concertmate MG-1 is an oddity among vintage synths.

It  designed by MOTM’s Paul Schreiber, who worked at Tandy at the time, with the goal of creating an affordable consumer synth. And, while it was a consumer design, it was “Custom manufactured by Moog Music in U.S.A. for Radio-Shack.” Continue reading

ToneStack Amp Simulator & Effects Processor For iOS Now Available

tonestack-amp-simulator-ipadYonac Software, creators of Magellan synthesizer, has released ToneStack, a new amp simulator and effects processor for iOS.

ToneStack comes with 6 classic amps & cabs and 20 FX (with over 68 additional units available for in-app purchase). ToneStack lets you use up to 64 units simultaneously (device CPU limitations apply). With ToneStack’s ABY units, the signal can also be split anywhere in the chain.

It also supports MIDI control, Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and Audio Copy/Paste.

Here’s a video intro to ToneStack: Continue reading

The Moog Apollo Synthesizer

In this set of videos for the Bob Moog Foundation, synthesist Marc Doty offers his take on the history of the rare Moog Apollo synthesizer.

Along the way, he explains the convoluted relationships of the Apollo to the Polymoog Synthesizer, the Polymoog Keyboard and even the Moog Constellation of synthesizers. Continue reading

Arturia MiniBrute SE Now Available


The Arturia MiniBrute SE, announced at this year’s Musikmesse, is now available.

We have not seen an official announcement from Arturia on this, but reader Ben (graphtablet) let us know it was available for purchase, and it’s showing up for US $549 now from several online retailers.

The MiniBrute SE shares the same physical footprint as the original MiniBrute, but:

  • The SE edition features brushed aluminium casing with wooden sides
  • A new step Sequencer expands playing options with the MiniBrute SE, with six Pattern sequences with up to 64 steps Users can create new musical phrases from existing ones by changing the playback Mode, Gate Len (timing), and Swing settings in real-time.

Continue reading

You Could Use A Roland JP-8000, Or You Could Create A Supersaw With 10 Analog Synths And Rule The World! Bwa-ha-ha!

This video, via magikroom, shows what happens when you try to emulate the classic ‘Supersaw’ sound of the Roland JP-8000 – a virtual analog synth from the 90′s – using 10 hardware analog synths!

Massive overkill at its best? You make the call!

Technical details below: Continue reading