Ulrich Schnauss Studio Tour

Saturday Synth Porn: This video, via MusicTech, takes a studio tour with German electronic musician and producer Ulrich Schnauss, best known for his multi-layered, deep and melodic music, on albums like Far Away Trains Passing By and A Strangely Isolated Place. Continue reading

Korg Intros Pa3X Le High Performance Arranger Keyboard


Korg has introduced  the newest keyboard in its Pa series of keyboard workstations, the Pa3X Le High Performance Arranger. 

The Pa3X Le has features tailored to arranging, sequencing and live peformance.

It offers a huge collection of onboard sounds, and provides 192MB of space for either your own samples, or add-on sound libraries The Pa3X Le also features a TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer, a dual MP3 player & recorder, a Dual Crossfade Sequencer, and more. You can the video output to display lyrics or score on an external monitor, making it perfect for karaoke or band leading.  Continue reading