New Krautpan 8 x 8 MIDI Panner


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Surfin Kangaroo Studio’s Wolfgang Michalowicz introduced the Krautpan (Pancake Version) 8 x 8 MIDI Panner:


The 8 in, 8 out Krautpan lets you control the volume of each of the 8 inputs going to each of the 8 outputs, via MIDI. This makes it possible to create up to 8-channel surround mixes that can be saved and recalled.

It also lets you sequence pan positions, so you can create mixes where sounds move around rhythmically between channels.  Continue reading

The 7 Best iOS Music Products Of NAMM 2015 On The iOS Update

In the latest episode of the iOS Update host Mitch Gallagher shares his picks for the best new products for iOS music making from the 2015 NAMM ShowContinue reading

Yamaha AG Series Packs Modern Connectivity Into A Compact Mixer


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Yamaha introduced the AG series of multi-purpose, high-resolution (192kHz/24bit) mixer and USB audio interfaces.

The AG series is designed for small setups that need both high-resolution audio support and modern connectivity, to support tasks like streaming live performances, recording podcast interviews and mobile recording.

The AG mixer available in two models, the 3-channel AG03, and 6-channel AG06, above. Continue reading

Roland AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer In Depth

The Roland AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer was one of the most interesting introductions at the 2015 NAMM Show. The MX-1 is a deep, powerful device, though, that’s hard to understand from an overview from the NAMM Show floor.

In this video, via SweetwaterSound, Roland Group Strategy Manager Brandon Ryan provides an in-depth look at the MX-1 and how it differs from traditional mixers.  Continue reading