littleBits Brick Adapter Connects System To LEGO World

littleBits has introduced the Brick Adapter, a new accessory that lets you connect the littleBits and LEGO worlds.

Last year, littleBits introduced the Korg Synth Kit, a modular building kit inspired by Korg’s analog synthesizers. More recently, the company announced new modules that let you connect to MIDI and CV music gear. Continue reading

Iron Curtain Electronics System, A Modular Polivoks, Now Available


The Harvestman has announced that the a limited number of the Iron Curtain Electronics System – a modular instrument based on the Polivoks synthesizer – are now available.

The Iron Curtain Electronics system was created in cooperation with the Polivoks instrument designer Vladimir Kuzmin.

The Polivoks is a vintage voltage-controlled synthesizer from the Soviet Union, first manufactured in a military radio factory in 1982 from a special selection of components. It later became notorious in the West for its aggressive sonic character.

All modules and system components in the Iron Curtain Electronics System are compliant with the Eurorack format. Continue reading

Mutable Instruments Phasing Out Most Of Its DIY Synth Line


Mutable Instruments‘s Olivier Gillet has announced that it is phasing out most of its DIY synth line so that it can focus on making Eurorack modules.

The MIDIpal, Shruthi XT, Anushri, Shruthi filter boards, and Ambika will be phased out.

The Shruthi kit will remain in production. Details below.
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Murmux Semi-Modular Synthesizer Review

This video, via ProckGnosis, is a user review of the Murmux Semi-Modular Synthesizer, manufactured in Greece by Dreadbox Pedals and Synths.

The review covers the basics of the Murmux, including the different sections and features, some sound examples and the different controls and parameters.

“All in all, I LOVE it,” notes ProckGnosis, “addictive as hell to play around with and in some ways cooler than my Moog Voyager…” Continue reading