Using The Roland Demora As A CV-Controlled Synth Module

This video, via Data Broth, explores using the programmable Roland Demora Eurorack delay effect module as a voltage-controlled synthesizer voice.

The Demora lets you repatch its sub-modules, using a Mac, Windows or iOS editor, changing its internal signal path to customize how it works.

All sounds in the demo video are from the Demora module. A Microbrute is used for pitch cv, envelope cv and sequencing. Continue reading

OWL Programmable Eurorack Module Can Do More Than 70 Things


Rebel Technology shared this video demo of the new OWL programmable Eurorack module.

The OWL Modular is a fully programmable digital audio device. With an ARM Cortex M4 processor and plenty of memory, it can be used more than 70 different ways, including as a phaser, flanger, delay, reverb and more. Continue reading