The Soundmachines NS1nanosynth Is A Tiny, Powerful Modular Synthesizer

nanosynth - 4

The Soundmachines NS1nanosynth is a miniature modular synthesizer that’s priced about the same as one module of a full-size modular synth.

It’s cheap, as modular synths go, because it dispenses with custom screen printed panels, jacks, knobs – leaving you with the essence of a modular: a circuit board.

Developer Davide Mancini describes the NS1nanosynth as ‘A powerful, deep and hacker-­friendly blend of a real analog modular synthesizer and an Arduino platform’.

Can a modular analog synth that fits in your pocket be taken seriously?

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KOMA Elektronik Ships ‘New and Ghostly’ Poltergeist Quadraphonic Audio Mixer


KOMA Elektronik announced today that the Poltergeist Quadraphonic Audio Mixer for Eurorack systems is in production and has begun shipping.

The new Poltergeist Eurorack module lets you manipulate up to four audio / CV signals quadraphonically or stereophonically, in what Koma Elektronik is calling “new and ghostly” ways.

The module lets you mix and control signals quadraphonically with its 21 ins and outs, 48 SSM VCAs and unique hands-on mixing features.
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Mutable Instruments Braids Hands-On Demo

This video, via synthesist Alba Ecstasy, is a hands-on demo of the Mutable Instruments Braids Eurorack ‘macro oscillator module.

The Braids module is described as ‘a voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source’. According to the developer, ‘Most of the timbres it generates are so complex that approaching them with a classic analog modular setup would require a full case of oscillators, filters, VCAs, waveshapers and ring-modulators ‘ Continue reading