100% All-Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass, All The Way To The Needle

Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass is a new track, by KinetiX, made using a 100% analog signal path – from the synthesizers creating the music in real time to open reel tape to mastering the tape with outboard analog equipment and finally to cutting the tape directly to vinyl.

Here are the technical details on the gear used: Continue reading

Erica Synths Releases Sequential Switch CV Generator

erica-synths-ss-cv-generatorErica Synths let us know that their Sequential Switch CV Generator – an expansion module for their Sequential Switch that turns it into into powerful, feature-rich 8-step sequencer – is now available.

Both modules combined generate CV and gate signals with all functionality that Sequential Switch has – merging, pausing, skipping and manual select of steps, random play, and piano mode. Continue reading