The SparkPunk Sequencer – A $60 DIY Control Voltage Sequencer Kit


The SparkPunk Sequencer is a musical control voltage sequencer designed to control the DIY SparkPunk Sound Kit. But the sequencer kit is also designed to support connecting it to other control voltage hardware.

The SparkPunk Sequencer cycles among ten steps, reading the slider and switch for each, and producing corresponding analog voltages on the output pins. The kit offers many mod opportunities – like adjusting Sequence length by connecting solder pads together at the bottom right of the PCB, routing pins to make a one-shot sequence playback, even creating a tempo clock or influencing the analog signals of LEDs.

Here’s a video introduction to the SparkPunk Sequencer Kit: Continue reading

Open Mic: Who Do You Want To Do A Euro Module Next?

dave-smith-instruments-dsm01-curtis-filter-eurorack-moduleDave Smith surprised a lot of people earlier this year when his company introduced the DSM01 Curtis Filter module for Eurorack synths.

It’s their first Euro synth module, and it lets modular synth owners incorporate one of the key elements of the classic Dave Smith/Sequential Circuits sound into their systems.

In a sense, Smith has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging other established synth makers to jump into the Euro arena. If Dave Smith Instruments can do it, why not Roland, Korg, Moog – or any other number of established gear companies.

Would you like to see a Roland supersaw oscillator in Euro format? Or how about a Euro Moog filter? Maybe a Korg Kaoss effects module?

Or something else completely…..

Let us know what you think! Who do you want to do a Euro module next – and what type of module should it be?

‘A Patch From Scratch’ Modular Synth Video Series

Felix of The Tuesday Night Machines let us know that he’s started a new video series, ‘A Patch From Scratch’, that explores synthesis with a Eurorack modular synth.

“I improvise modular synth patches and provide live commentary on what I’m doing,” he explains. “It’s aimed at new modular synth user, but is probably interesting for advanced users too.” Continue reading

The ADDAC System Switching Sequencer For Eurorack Modular Synths

The ADDAC System ADDAC206 Switching Sequencer is a a Quad Channel Switcher, letting you sequence 4 inputs to 1 output or 1 input to 4 outputs, for both audio or voltage (AC/DC).

This series of videos introduces the Switching Sequencer and demonstrates its functionality in a variety of patches.  Continue reading

The Intellijel Springray Spring Reverb

This video, via Modular Wild, takes a look at the variety of spring reverb effects possible with the Intellijel Springray Eurorack spring reverb module.

In the video, Raul Pena demonstrates the effect of using the Springray Spring Reverb module with different reverb tanks.  Continue reading