$40,000 Holland SM2000 Modular Synthesizer Offers ‘Aerospace Quality’

The Holland Synthesizer Model SM2000 is a $40,000 3U monophonic modular synthesizer that they say is an ‘aerospace quality musical instrument’.

The system uses a backplane that carries control voltages, triggers and audio signals to and from the various modules, however all patching can be overridden from the front panel. All jacks are Switchcraft 1/4″ for ruggedness. The SM2000 is designed to be a standalone system, but being modular in nature allows for a high degree of customi

Why is the Model SM2000 $40,000? They note: Continue reading

E-Mu Founder Dave Rossum Intros Four New Eurorack Modules

At the 2016 NAMM Show, we talked with synthesizer pioneer Dave Rossum, who co-founded E-Mu Systems in 1971 and created the E-Mu Modular System.

Rossum has a new company, Rossum Electro-Music. In the video above, Rossum tells the story of his new company and introduces his four new Eurorack modules.  Continue reading

Mordax Modular Data – A Eurorack Oscilloscope, Spectral Analyzer & More

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Mordax Modular introduced the Data – a ‘multifunction tool for Eurorack modular systems’.

In this video, Mordax’s Taylor Gehrts gives an overview of the module, shows several of its uses and explains how it’s being used in an example patch.  Continue reading

LEGO Eurorack Synthesizer Cases


Berlin-based reader Daniel Mueller let us know about his LEGO Eurorack modular synth cases designs.

“I am building cases for my music gear for a while now and just finished my second Lego Technic Eurorac Case,” says Mueller. “It is very stable and lightweight…and because of the fact that is build of Lego it is modular…that means you can attach more parts or change the depth, height , length…” Continue reading