Bringing The Mellotron Into The 21st Century

The latest episode of the Power Of Electronic Music (POEM) audio podcast takes a look at Bringing The Mellotron Into The 21st Century.

POEM’s Thomas Janak talks to ‘Mister Mellotron Germany’ Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock about the Mellotron and the Memotron, a ’21st century version’ of the Mellotron: Continue reading

New Vako Orchestron Discs – Solo Trumpet & Solo Trombone

YouTube Preview Image has released a pair of new sound library discs for the Vako Orchestron, Solo Trumpet and Solo Trombone.

Solo Trumpet is a new sound for the Orchestron. This is an actual acoustic trumpet sound, taken from the original Optigan/Orchestron master tapes, but never actually heard on any Optigan or Orchestron disc, until now.

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What’s Roger Linn’s Coolest ‘Vaporware’ Gear Design?

Saturday Synth Porn: Pioneering electronic instrument designer Roger Linn this week released a collection of renderings for instrument designs that never made it into production.

Above, Linn’s LinnDrum controller - a drum-oriented control surface for use with computers.

While these designs, for various reasons, never made it into production, Linn’s rejected designs manage to be cooler than most gear that actually does make it into production.

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