Erica Synths Releases Sequential Switch CV Generator

erica-synths-ss-cv-generatorErica Synths let us know that their Sequential Switch CV Generator – an expansion module for their Sequential Switch that turns it into into powerful, feature-rich 8-step sequencer – is now available.

Both modules combined generate CV and gate signals with all functionality that Sequential Switch has – merging, pausing, skipping and manual select of steps, random play, and piano mode. Continue reading

Pyramid Sequencer Now Available For Pre-Order


The Pyramid – a new standalone hardware sequencer, described as ‘the perfect brain for your musical setup” – is now available for pre-order.

It offers advanced sequencing capabilities, including poly-rhythm support, randomization, ‘humanizer’, arpeggiation and per-track algorithmic Euclidean sequencing.

The Pyramid connects to a wide range of electronic instruments, with two MIDI outs, DIN Sync out, USB MIDI and CV + Gate connectivity.  Continue reading

Twisted Electrons Introduces Acid8

Twisted Electrons has just released Acid8, its new hybrid digital/analog acid machine controlled by a powerful step sequencer.

The “heart” of Acid8 is an 8-BIT oscillator that developer Alex Smith says “can be manipulated to the extreme” with 16 waveforms to choose from, and the capability to even redraw your own waveforms. Users can apply up to 5 DSP effects at once, invert bits of the digtal signal for “weird” harmonics and effects, or link the env mod to pitch for percussive sounds, among other features.
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