Groovesizer Red (Sneak Preview)


Developer MoShang has announced Groovesizer Red – a new 8-bit sequencer + synthesizer that will be available as a DIY project or pre-assembled.

The Groovesizer RED is a DIY 16-step MIDI sequencer and granular synth.

It features 16 LEDs (one per step), 5 potentiometers, and 5 buttons, MIDI input and ouput on 5-pin DINs, MIDI sync in and out, and audio out (mono) on an 1/8″ jack.

There are 32 user locations for saving patterns and patches. Up to 4 patterns can be chained together to create a 4 bar pattern. Note entry can be quantized to one of 12 pre-defined scales. Patterns can be triggered and transposed via MIDI. Notes can also be entered via an attached MIDI keyboard.

Here’s a preview of the Groovesizer Red in action: Continue reading

Future Retro Intros Three New Products The Winter NAMM Show

At the 2014 NAMM Show, boutique synth maker Future Retro introduced three new products:

  • The Zillion is a single track algorithmic sequencer, inspired by the very rare Triadex Muse sequencer.
  • The Swynx converts MIDI clock messages into MIDI, DIN Sync, and Analog Clock outputs, with two additional controls for adjusting the time signature and swing for syncing devices.
  • The 1X4X2 THRU box was designed as an expansion for the Swynx, providing four MIDI outputs, and four DIN Sync outputs.

SchneidersBuero’s Andreas Schneider caught up with Future Retro’s Jered Flickinger at the show and got an update on the new Zillion algorithmic sequencer, above, and some of FR’s other new products.  Continue reading

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro Combines Drum Pad Control & Hardware Step Sequencing


At the 2014 NAMM Show, M-Audio introduced the Trigger Finger Pro, an advanced performance pad controller with onboard sequencing and software integration.

Trigger Finger Pro is a portable, 16-pad (4×4 configured) instrument with onboard sequencing. The Trigger Finger Pro draws from its predecessor’s performance pad roots, but features significantly improved hardware design and additional features.

The Trigger Finger Pro comes with Arsenal – a virtual drum machine app that can be used within your DAW or standalone. Along with AIR Drums and Hybrid 3 plug-ins, Trigger Finger Pro includes 8 GB of ready-to-play sounds, loops, one-shots with content from Black Anomaly, Prime Loops, Toolroom Records, and more.

It also offers an onboard step sequencer and hardware MIDI out, so you can use the Trigger Finger Pro to sequence hardware synths in sync with software beats.   Continue reading

NAMM Sneak Preview: The WMD Sequential Switch Matrix

wmd-sequential-switch-matrix2014 NAMM Show: WMD Devices has announced that their new Sequential Switch Matrix is in production and will shipping just in time for the NAMM show:

The WMD Sequential Switch Matrix

Four inputs can be routed with individual buttons to four outputs. Those routing settings are stored in an array of matrices that can be sequenced or controlled with CV. Preset routing, feedback loops, chop sequences, trigger blasts (with expander), four-bit-wavetable-synthesis, and dramatic controllable mayhem are all possible.

Here are a couple of video demos of the WMD Sequential Switch Matrix: Continue reading

Orthogonal Devices ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer – A Deep Sequencer For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers


Brian Clarkson of Orthogonal Devices let us know about their ER-101: Indexed Quad Sequencer, ‘a new kind of Eurorack sequencer.’

Clarkson calls the ER-101 ‘a real-time composition, sequencing, and automation environment”. It lets you create sequences of thousands of steps, with variable duration, variable gate length, arbitrary scales, smooth transitions, save/recall device state and more. Continue reading

Trent Reznor & Alessandro Cortini Extended Interview

This video, from the producers of the I Dream Of Wires documentary, captures extended interviews with Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor & Alessandro Cortini.

I Dream Of Wires is an independent documentary exploring the history, demise and resurgence of the ultimate electronic music machine, the modular synthesizer. A 4-hour extended cut is available to order now on DVD and BluRay. The feature-length, theatrical cut is set to premiere spring 2014. Continue reading