Ann Arbor’s Synth Lending Library Lets You Check Out Synths, Drum Machines, A Theremin & More


We recently featured the Lawrence, Kansas Public Library, which has a recording studio you can check out and is getting a large-format monster synth.

Another library that is innovating by letting you check out creative tools is the Ann Arbor District Library. The library features the usual books, DVDs & CDs – but they also have a comprehensive Music Tools collection.
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Korg Volca FM Now Official, Here Are The Details

korg-volca-fm-wideKorg has officially announced the Volca FM synthesizer – a three-voice digital FM synthesizer that they say reproduces the sound of ‘a classic FM synthesizer’ (aka the Yamaha DX 7) and provides compatibility with it, as well.

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Trax Retrowave R-1 MIDI-Controlled Analog Synthesizer Review

trax-retrowaveThe Trax Retrowave R-1 is a MIDI-controlled analog synthesizer module that features true analog oscillators, filter, sample and hold, noise generator and VCA.

This video, via reader Sebastian Negulescu, aka Attila The Fun,  is ‘a rather long and detailed review/overview of the British Trax Retrowave R-1 analog mono synthesizer’: Continue reading

‘SkiniBrute’ Turns Arturia MiniBrute Into A Desktop Synthesizer


GMUSynth Woodworks has introduced ‘SkiniBrute‘ – a wood panel conversion kit that turns the Arturia MiniBrute keyboard into a desktop synth module.

The SkiniBrute mod holds the synth’s panel at an 11.25° angle, providing clear and easy access to the controls. The case’s side panels are modeled after the original MiniBrute design, including the multidimensional slopes and bevels.  Continue reading

LAB:1 Synthesizer Updated With Low-Pass Filter

Artificial Noise designer Neil Burnby let us know that he’s updated the LAB:1 Synthesizer with a larger, more sturdy case and a Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter.

“The new low pass filter is an interesting one,” says Burnby. “When the resonance is cranked to max, it’s designed to drive the filter hard, causing a nice fuzzy saturation.” Continue reading