Elektron Overbridge Coming This Summer


At Musikmesse 2015, Elektron announced that their hotly anticipated Overbridge is expected to be released this summer.

Overbridge is designed to let you use Elektron’s analog hardware gear seamlessly within your DAW.

This video, via Cuckoo, captures an overview and demo of Overbridge, from the Elektron booth at Musikmesse. Check it out and let us know what you think of Overbridge! Continue reading

Roland Intros AIRA System-1m Eurorack Module, aka ‘Modular For The Masses’


At Musikmesse 2015, Roland today introduced the AIRA System-1m Semi-Modular PLUG-OUT Synthesizer.

The new synth combines Roland’s Plug-Out technology with CV/GATE and Eurorack compatibility.

Roland describes the new synth as ‘modular for the masses.’

The SYSTEM-1m takes the guesswork out of getting into modular. The fully self-contained module can be placed in a rack or on a table and can be powered by a standard AC adaptor. And it can be played from any standard MIDI keyboard or receive MIDI messages from your DAW – just like you’d expect.

But the SYSTEM-1m goes beyond standard synthesizer modules. WIth fully-lit, color coded patch points, you can experiment with reconfiguring its architecture and easily connect to a wide world of available synthesizer modules.

In addition to functioning as a rackmount or tabletop unit, the SYSTEM-1m can be mounted in a standard Eurorack case and can be powered via integrated case power with the included adapter cable. Its versatile synth architecture integrates with existing modular setups – or it can be the heart of a burgeoning modular synthesizer rig.

Here’s Roland’s AIRA Modular intro video: Continue reading