Moby’s ‘Play’ Getting Deluxe Vinyl Reissue

moby-playMoby’s Play – a 1999 album that was a massive electronic crossover hit – is getting a limited edition vinyl reissue.

Play is the fifth studio album by Moby, originally released on May 17, 1999. The album become the biggest-selling album of its genre, with over 12 million copies sold worldwide.

The album introduced Moby to a worldwide mainstream audience, not only through a large number of hit singles but also through comprehensive licensing of his music in films, television, and commercials. making PLAY one of the most commercially licensed albums ever produced. Continue reading

Suzanne Ciani’s Buchla Concerts 1975 – The Feminine Alternative To ‘Silver Apples Of The Moon’

suzanne-ciani-buchla-concertsFinders Keepers has announced a new album by pioneering synthesist Suzanne Ciani, Buchla Concerts 1975, that they describe as ‘a distinctive feminine alternative to Silver Apples Of The Moon‘.

Here’s what they have to say about the album:

This record is a triumphant yardstick in the synthesiser space race and the untold story of the first woman on the proverbial moon. While pondering the early accolades of this record it’s daunting to learn that this record was in fact not a record at all… It was a manifesto and a gateway to a new world, that somehow never quite opened. If the unfamiliar, modernistic, melodic, pulses, tones and harmonics found on this 1975 live presentation/grant application/educational demonstration had been placed in a phonographic context alongside the promoted work of Morton Subotnick, Walter Carlos or Tomita then the name Suzanne Ciani and her influence would have already radically changed the shape, sound and gender of our record collections. Hopefully there is still chance.

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