Moby Sued Over Alleged Unlicensed Samples – After 22 Years

moby-as-deranged-naked-gun-manMoby is looking a little pissed off! Could it be because he’s getting sued over alleged unlicensed sample use – after 22 years?

According to a Hollywood Reporter article, Moby is being sued by VMG Salsoul, a New York-based disco and funk record label. They say that Moby included unlicensed samples on his 1992 songs, “Next is the E” and “Thousand.” Continue reading

Moogfest Announces Event Schedule

moogfest-kraftwerkOrganizers have announced the Moogfest 2014 event schedule and venues.

The festival, which runs April 23 – 27, will include evening performances headlined by three Kraftwerk 3D concerts, along with Pet Shop Boys, Flying Lotus, Giorgio Moroder, and M.I.A.. Daytime programming is led by Futurama’s David X. Cohen, super-producer Nile Rodgers and Janelle Monae.

moogfest-2014Of particular interest to us is the “Modular Marketplace” electronic pop-up shop at Moogfest, which will be showcasing innovative instrument makers and featuring boutique electronics, experimental effects and modern modular synthesizers. Continue reading

Robert Ashley, “The Greatest Genius Of 20th Century Opera”, Dead At 83

robert-ashleyAmerican composer Robert Ashley – who reinvented opera with electronics and avant garde techniques – died yesterday at the age of 83.

Ashley (March 28, 1930 – March 3, 2014) was known for radically rethinking the concept of opera – reimagining it for TV and for recordings. and incorporating electronic instruments and electronic manipulation of speech.

In one work, Automatic Writing, Ashley recorded his involuntary speech (from Tourette’s Syndrome) and used it as one of the characters in his opera. The other three ‘characters’ were:

  • a French voice translation of the speech:
  • a synthesized version of the speech; and
  • Polymoog harmonies.

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