Vangelis and the Journey to Ithaka

Vangelis And The Journey to Ithaka is a 2014 documentary on the Acadamy Award winning Greek composer and synthesist.

The two-hour documentary includes interviews with Vangelis and many of his friends and colleagues, including Sean Connery, Hugh Hudson, Jessye Norman, Oliver Stone, Akiko Ebi, Julian Rachlin and many others.

It also includes rare, historical footage, most of which has never been seen before. In addition, the documentary includes recent footage of Vangelis improvising new music. Continue reading

Knobcon 4 Synth Convention Coming Next Week, Sept 11-13


Knobcon 4 – a massive synth meetup, featuring performances, workshops and vendors – will be held next week, Sept 11-13, 2015, in the Chicago area.

The three-day event, which focuses on electronic and experimental music and the tools used to create it, will be held at the Westin Chicago Northwest.

Highlights include two nights of live electronic music performances; a Saturday banquet with keynote speaker Malcolm Cecil; workshops on the Triadex Muse, acoustic synthesis and more; and synth DIY. Continue reading

The Philosophy Of Berlin School Synthesizer Music

In the last few weeks, we’ve featured a few videos from Ralph Baumgartl‘s vlog, featuring his discussions with the German synth group Thau.

In this video, Baumgartl talks with Thau (Bernd-Miachel Land and Frank Tischer) about why they play the music they do, their inspirations, and their take on what Berlin School synth music is.

Land & Tischer also do some in-studio improvisation, sharing their take on Berlin School.  Continue reading

Brian Eno On Composers as Gardeners

This video captures a short discussion by Brian Eno on his concept of Composers as Gardeners.

Eno contrasts the stereotype of the classical composer conceiving a piece and then writing it out against the practice that became more common in the 60s of creating processes that result in music that you may or may not have anticipated. Continue reading