Richard Devine Interview On Art + Music + Technology


The latest episode of the Art+Music+Technology podcast features composer and sound designer Richard Devine.

Host Darwin Grosse talks with Devine about how he got hooked on electronic music, and his move from software/laptop performance into modular synth performance.

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An Interview With Matthew Davidson (Stretta)

matthew-davidson-strettaIn the latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast, host Darwin Grosse interviews composer + programmer Matthew Davidson (aka Stretta).

Episode Summary:

It’s always a wonderful thing when you get a chance to work with someone whose company you can enjoy. That’s the case with Matthew Davidson, a person I’ve always admired and whose work I’ve appreciated, but who is also a person you can just enjoy hanging out with. In this “interview”, Matthew and I really just talk smart about controllers, modulars and the composition process. Matthew always has a thoughtful view on almost anything, and is willing to challenge people to push their thought processes beyond the most convenient position.

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I had doing it. Matthew forces me to talk about myself a little (gulp!), for which I apologize in advance!

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The State Of 21st-Century Synthesis

This video captures a panel discussion on The State Of 21st-Century Synthesis, held at the 2014 NAMM Show.

Led by author Mark Vail (Vintage Synthesizers, Beauty In The B, The Synthesizer), the panel features industry leaders offering their take on the state of synthesis.

The panelists, from left to right, are:

  • Composer/synthesist Drew Neumann (Aeon Flux, The Wild Thornberries)
  • Composer/producer & Continuum expert Edmund Eagen
  • Synth designer and MIDI creator Dave Smith
  • Synth designer & sound designer Eric Persing (Roland, Spectrasonics)
  • Gerry Bassermann (E-Mu, Opcode, Be, Propellerhead)

The video is close to 90 minutes long and offers some great perspectives from true gurus of synthesis.  Continue reading

Interview With Paul Schreiber, Creator Of The MOTM Synthesizer

Paul Schreiber's Annual NAMM shot

In the latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast, synthesist Darwin Grosse talks with Paul Schreiber, creator of the MOTM synthesizer modular synthesizer.

“At what point does the electronic reality stop and the voodoo start?” asks Schreiber – who goes on to offer his perspective on the question and how it applies to the modular world.

Episode Summary:

Paul Schreiber has seen it all, from building his own Heathkit gear, to designing automotive stereo systems, to designing cell phones to creating modular synthesizer systems. I was, of course, mostly interested in the latter, but I was also interested in how modular systems were informed by his earlier experiences. In this interview, Paul shares how he learned electronics, how he designed the MOTM modular system, and also shares his advice for anyone interested in digging into it themselves.

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