Tubular Bells for Two

Itubular-bells-for-two-performersn the latest episode of the Echoes podcast, host John Diliberto talks with multi instrumentalists Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts about their two man performances of Tubular Bells For Two.

Composer Mike Oldfield played over a dozen instruments on his signature work. With Tubular Bells For Two, Holdsworth and Roberts have taken on the challenge of playing it live, with no backing tracks or computers. Continue reading

Synthtopia’s Best Of 2014 – Stuff That Was Too Cool Not To Mention


2014 was such an exceptional year for electronic music and synths that our best of 2014 posts, which cover Mobile Music AppsHardware SynthsMIDI ControllersModular Synth Gear, Electronic Music HardwareMusic Software and even the Sexiest Vaporware – still leave a lot uncovered.

Here’s wrap up on other things from 2014 that were too cool not to mention: Continue reading

Interview With The Loop Loft’s Ryan Gruss

ryan-gruss-loop-loftThe latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast features Ryan Gruss, founder of sample provider The Loop Loft

Here’s what host Darwin Grosse has to say about the interview:

There are many different loop library companies out there, but nobody seems to be doing it quite like The Loop Loft. These guys are combining impeccably recorded instruments with timeless (and ultra-clean) mixes to create some of the best loop sets around.

Continue reading