New Looper For iOS, LooperSonic

loopersonic-iphoneDeveloper David O’Neill has introduced LooperSonic – a multi-track audio looper and recorder for iPhone & iPad.

You can use it like a loop pedal to make loops, and then arrange those loops into complete songs with cut, copy, trim, paste, reverse, and undo/redo.

When you change the tempo, the pitch changes along with it, like a record player. You can use this to make a guitar sound like a bass, or to sing out of your range.

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading

Ableton Live 9.6 Brings Link Integration With iOS

ableton-link-liveAbleton today released Live 9.6, adding support for Ableton Link – a way to wirelessly sync multiple devices, including computers running Live, iOS devices running compatible applications and even hardware.

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading

Free iPad Software Synthesizer, Analog Synth X, Built With AudioKit 3.0


Analog Synth X is a new iPad synthesizer, developed by Matt Fecher, entirely with the new AudioKit 3.0 framework.

Analog Synth X is a 5-voice virtual analog polysynth, featuring dual morphable VCO oscillators.

It’s a free and open source synth. You can get the source code from the AudioKit website at Continue reading