VST Connect Performer for iPad Lets You Record Remote Musicians Into Cubase

steinberg-vst-performerSteinberg has introduced VST Connect Performer for iPad – a new app that lets you record remote musicians into Cubase.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Connect your iPad to the Web, hook up your mic or instrument and allow any studio running Cubase with the VST Connect plug-in record your performance in real time, no matter where you are!

And it just gets better: with VST Connect Pro on the host machine VST Connect Performer for iPad excels in audio quality as well as providing multi-channel and LAN support. And with onboard cue mix capability for talkback and monitoring, it’s just like in a typical recording studio environment, but that’s probably as representative as it’ll get: you could be anywhere besides the studio!

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Zivix’ PUC Wirelessly Connects MIDI Instruments With iOS Devices

Zivix recently announced that last year’s IndieGogo project, the PUC wireless MIDI interface, has begun shipping.

The PUC is a wireless MIDI interface designed specifically for iOS devices. The PUC allows the user to wirelessly connect any MIDI device (keyboard, DJ controller, drum pad, floor pedal controllers, etc.) directly to the user’s iPad. PUC can also work with any platform that supports a MIDI connection over WiFi. Continue reading

Positive Grid Releases BIAS 1.5 Major Update with Three New Expansion Packs

Positive Grid has expanded their BIAS custom amp modeler with three new dedicated (and whimsically-named) expansion packs: Glassy (above), Crunch, and Insane. These expansion packs will enable guitarists and bassists to add further customization to their BIAS preamp, power amp, and cabinet modules by tone styles: “glassy clean tone”, “classic British crunch”, or “insanely saturated distortion”.

The basic BIAS app includes 36 vintage and modern amplifiers as a starting point for user customization. Along with the aforementioned Glassy, Crunch, and Insane packs, the updated BIAS 1.5 also includes a new “easy-to-use” 8-band EQ (with the purchase of any pack), along with better JamUp integration –another Positive Grid app consisting of several multi-effect stomp boxes. As always, the user can share their creations with other musicians on Positive Grid’s proprietary social network, ToneCloud. Continue reading

iMPC Pro MIDI Input Details For Custom Controllers


Akai Pro released iMPC Pro, its re-imagining of the Music Production Center for the iPad, earlier this week. While iMPC Pro was heavily anticipated, many musicians have expressed disappointment over the app’s lack of MIDI support. Many would like to use the app with their existing controllers or use it like a hardware MPC, to sequence other apps or devices.

Developer Retronyms has responded at their blog by documenting the MIDI IN controls that work with iMPC Pro and providing example layouts for several controllers, including the Korg NanoPad 2, Touch OSC, Arturia Beatstep and MiniLab.

If you’d like to configure a custom controller setup, they have also provided this information on creating mappings: Continue reading

Tuna Knobs Now Available Via Kickstarter Project


Tuna DJ Gear has gone live with their Kickstarter project to create tangible knobs for multi-touch music applications.

Their Tuna Knobs are control knobs that stick to any touchscreen and let you control DJ and music making apps like you would with dedicated music hardware Continue reading

Camel Audio Announces Alchemy Mobile v2.3

Camel Audio has released Alchemy Mobile v2.3 which contains some significant additions to the Pro version of their free Alchemy Mobile iOS app.

With the Pro version users are now able to create their own presets using samples imported from Dropbox, iTunes, other apps or any of the samples available in Alchemy Mobile’s sound libraries. Continue reading