New Virtual Analog For Android, iOS, Mac & Windows, DRC


Imaginando has released a multi-platform virtual analog synthesizer for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows, DRC.

In addition to multi-platform support, DRC offers cloud-based patch syncing. With this feature, you can start the creative process on one device and continue on another, seamlessly. Continue reading

New App For Live Remixing On iOS, C3N Loops


c3n loops is a new app for iOS, designed for live remixing of loop-based music.

The interface is designed to let you navigate and play with loops on an ‘infinite surface’. Automatic tempo matching lets you mix anything with everything. And you can sync hardware and apps to c3n loops via MIDI sync and work with other apps via AudioBus.

Here’s a performance demo, with C3N being used as part of a hardware setup, with Korg Volca Keys and Volca Bass: Continue reading

Audulus 3.1 Brings Support For Linux & Windows


Developer Taylor Holliday let us know that his software modular synthesizer, Audulus, has been updated to version 3.1, and it’s now available for both Linux and Windows. Mac & iOS versions of Audulus 3 were already available.

Audulus is a minimalist modular software synthesizer and effects processor. With Audulus, users can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio, with low latency real-time processing, suitable for live performance.

“It’s not easy to be multi-platform,” notes Holliday, “but I take pride in offering Audulus on as many platforms as possible.” Continue reading

Audreio 2 Lets You Stream iOS Audio To Anywhere In The World


Audreio has released an updated version of its eponymous audio app, Audreio 2, adding the ability to stream high quality audio to anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

Use cases for Audreio include:

  • Using iOS instruments and FX in your DAW
  • Recording remote talent
  • Streaming live mixes
  • Recording DAW to DAW
  • Streaming audio to IOS so that you can preview how your tracks sound on an iPhone

Continue reading

Sidecar Brings New Control Options To iOS 9

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Secret Base Design’s Sidecar is designed to work with the slide-over and split-view features of iOS 9 on the iPad and to bring new control options to iOS music making.

Sidecar is an iOS app designed for slide-over and side-by-side view on the iPad (with iOS 9). It features IAA hosting, a mixer, built-in audio recording, and a web server for recording access. It can also stream audio over WiFi to Apollo Sound Injector.

Sidecar also features ten pages of configurable MIDI pads, that can be set up for notes, chords, or either CC or PC messages.

Here’s a video intro: Continue reading

SoundBow – A Drawing-Based Sequencer For iOS


Developer Agoston Nagy has introduced SoundBow – a drawing-based music instrument with a simple visual interface.

SoundBow is designed to let you create music by drawing curves over the screen.Each time your ever-looping gesture hits a string, a sound is produced.Your gestures will be remembered and played back continuously.

Apart from drawing, you can experiment by moving the strings around freely to rescale your instrument. You can also record any sound through the microphone and create melodies, soundscapes with your samples.

Here’s a video demo: Continue reading