GForce Intros Streetly SFX Console Expansion Pack For M-Tron Pro


GForce Software, in collaboration with Streetly Electronics, has released the original Mellotron MKII SFX library in all its glory.

Introduced in 1965, the Mellotron MKII SFX console allowed live dubbing of an enormous range of the most popular and essential sounds for film and TV, 1260 in all, directly from the keys of the Mellotron keyboard. Continue reading

Don Buchla Wants His Brand Back, Taking New Owners To Court

Don Buchla Smiles at the 2011 NAMM ShowDon Buchla, right, is taking the current owners of the Buchla Electronic Musical Instrument brand, Audio Supermarket Pty., to court.

According to a report by Fact:

Buchla alleges he was promised $440,000 for the sale of the company, but has been paid less than $110,000 so far. It also alleges that the defendants breached the Asset Purchase Agreement of Buchla & Associates by “failing to use reasonable business efforts to reach sales targets.”

The lawsuit is attempting to regain the original company’s assets, intellectual property and confirmed purchase orders back to Buchla, as well as seeking compensation for damages.

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New Release – Dave Bessell’s Black Horses Of The Sun

dave-bessell-black-horsesDiN has released Black Horses of the Sun – the latest release from Dave Bessell (Node).

The new album builds on the atmospheric style of Bessell’s previous releases, but adds a more melodic focus.

Here’s what the label has to say about the new album:

An eclectic variety of stylistic influences flicker through this music, from classical to industrial, Berlin school ambient to jazz, to the Eno, Fripp & Bowie collaborations of the Berlin years through to echoes of psytrance. All make their appearance from time to time.

Overall there is often a widescreen cinematic sense of scale, which would not be out of place in a film soundtrack.

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International Institute Of Acoustics And Vibration Scheduled For July 12-16


The 22nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV22) will be held in Florence, Italy, from 12 to 16 July 2015.

This Congress, organized by the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV) and the Acoustical Society of Italy (AIA), in cooperation with IMAMOTER – National Research Council of Italy and DIEF – University of Florence, is one of the world’s leading events in the area of acoustics and vibration. Continue reading Equinox Live Streaming Event This Saturday has announced their Equinox Live Streaming Event, scheduled for March 21 starting at 15:00 GMT.

Tune in on Saturday March 21 starting at 15:00 GMT to hear a variety of electronic and electro-acoustic music performances. This year’s event is packed with many new artists making their debut performance on the stream. Tune in by visiting and clicking to play Radio 1 – Primary Stream. Continue reading