J74 ISO Controllers Turn The LaunchPad Into A Multi-Template Isomorphic Instrument

This video, via Fabrizio Poce, demonstrates the J74 ISO Controllers package, which turns the Novation Launchpad controllers into multi-template isomorphic controllers.

By re-assigning notes to the pads and using colors to give information about the harmonic characteristics, the layouts turn both controllers tino easy-to-play instruments, for harmony and melody. Continue reading

Minimalist Terry Riley Was Remixing Before Remixing Was Cool – ‘You’re Nogood’

3349874992_3c83376dfe_oAmerican minimalist composer and performer Terry Riley is not as well known as fellow minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Nevertheless, his work – which explores tape looping, live performance with tape delay, microtonality, world music influences, synthesis and more – has been influential across several generations of musicians

An interesting example of his early work, You’re Nogood (1967), is essentially an avant garde remix of a soul song: Continue reading

‘Synthesized’ Score Now Available

Christoph Kresse, creator of the upcoming synth documentary Synthesized, let us know that the film’s score is now available. You can preview it via the embed above or via BandcampContinue reading

Elektrosluch 3 Like A Mic For Electromagnetic Fields

elektrosluch-3LOM has introduced the Elektrosluch 3 – a device designed to let you listen to the electromagnetic fields that constantly surround you.

Here’s what’s new on the Elektrosluch 3:

  • fully enclosed and more ergonomic design;
  • simple single potentiometer operation;
  • higher gain;
  • audiophile-grade WIMA capacitors; and
  • highly increased protection of the sensors.

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading

New W3C Music Notation Community Group Makes MusicXML, SMuFL Web Standards

does music notation still matter for electronic musicMakeMusic and Steinberg have announced the creation of the W3C Music Notation Community Group, tasked with maintaining MusicXML and SMuFL (Standard Music Font Layout) specifications as Web standards.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the international organization that creates and promotes standards for the World Wide Web.  Continue reading