Synthtopia + Ableton ‘Making Music’ Book Giveaway

making-music-topWhen Ableton published Making Music – 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers, they sold out of the first printing almost immediately.

But, while it’s currently ‘out of stock’ at Ableton’s site, we’ve got a copy to give away.

Making Music is a 340-page hard-bound volume, by Dennis DeSantis, that looks at the most common problems that can prevent you from moving forward with a piece of music, and offers concrete methods for solving them. Continue reading

New EP Features Collaboration Between Jean-Michel Jarre & Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream)

jean-michel-jarre-tangerine-dreamThe Vinyl Factory – an independent British company that specializes in limited editions releases – has announced an upcoming vinyl EP by Jean-Michel Jarre & Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream.

Jarre collaborated with Tangerine Dream founder Froese (who died earlier this year) to create the track Zero Gravity.

Jarre plans to release a new studio album, later this year, which will feature the Froese/Tangerine Dream collaboration, along with collaborations with Gesaffelstein, M83 and 3D (Massive Attack).

Here’s a preview of the Zero Gravity album and Above & Beyond remix versions:  Continue reading

Waves H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb How Available

h-reverbWaves Audio has announced that H-Reverb – a new reverb, based on algorithmic FIR (Finite Impulse Response) reverberation technology – is now available for Mac & Windows.

According to Waves, H-Reverb’s design provides ‘richer, deeper reverb tails that sit beautifully in the mix while breathing crisp air into your tracks’.

The FIR engine that powers H-Reverb lets you shape and customize the reverb decay envelope, beyond the standard linear forms, resulting in perfectly gated, real reverse, and dense reverb tails that don’t muddy up the mix.

Here’s the official video intro:

Continue reading

Snow Audio Intros Chords For Cthulhu

SA_CHORDS_covers_600Snow Audio has introduced Chords For Cthulhu – a repository of 3500 chords for Xfer Records Cthulhu MIDI chord and arp module.

Arranged in progressions and loosely sorted by key, Chords For Cthulhu is designed to:

  • Inspire song ideas
  • Escape same old playing patterns
  • Provide easy harmony access for non-keyboard players
  • Allow for effortless experimentation

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New Album From Steve Roach, Skeleton Key, Explores Modular Synthesis

Synthesist Steve Roach has released a new album, Skeleton Keys, that explores the ambient side of analog modular synthesis.

In early 2014, Roach set out to create his ideal large format modular synthesizer­/sequencer-based system, shown above. Roach adds that, “The instant this system was in place, the compulsion to create was unleashed.” Continue reading