Elektron Jam: Yaybahar Plus Elektrons

The latest in Elektron’s performance video series features the company’s Analog Rytm, Analog Keys, and Octatrack instruments, jamming with the acoustic Yaybahar instrument.

The Yayabhar is made from natural materials – wood, membrane, strings and coiled spring. The materials aren’t that unusual, but the shape and the way long springs are used to connect resonating bodies results in a wide variety of sound possibilities.

Elektron explains the setup for this video:

“The acoustic instrument Yaybahar was recorded using two separate mics. During the session, the Elektron setup was monitored with headphones for best possible audio recording of the Yaybahar. The Octatrack sends MIDI clock and program change messages to Analog Rytm and Analog Keys. It is also used as a mixer as Rytm and Keys outputs are fed into the Octatrack stereo inputs.”

The other Elektron “jam sessions” are on YouTube.

Buchla Music Easel Jam Session

kaitlyn-aurelia-smith-1Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance by synthesist Kaitlyn Smith, right, on the Buchla Music Easel.

“The video was made with a Buchla Music Easel and a custom delay I made in Ableton,” notes Smith. “The video is real time synthesis. No post production.”

Smith has released two albums that prominently feature the Buchla Music Easel: Continue reading