Go Deeper Into the Sound – Unless It Will Make Your Head Explode

shape-of-soundReader Alistair de B Clarkson let us know about a new series of articles kicking off at the Shape of Sound site, Going Deeper into the Sound.

The series is intended for ‘music nutters’ that are obsessed by sound.

Clarkson notes:

These articles are only suitable for synthtopia readers and will result in any non synthopia reader complaining that their head will explode.

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Different Drummer Review

Here’s a user review, via thesoundtestroom, of Different Drummer for iPad – aka “your secret weapon in the quest for innovative beats that make sense yet defy the status quo”.

Different Drummer has a unique feature set, but was met with skepticism on its release, because of the developer’s equally unique approach to pricing and marketing the app. (It was originally priced at $300, now $49.99). Continue reading

Waldorf Rocket Sound Demo

This video, via TheManWithTheSynth, follows up his Waldorf Rocket synthesizer review, focusing on audio demos of the new synth’s sound:

Following the feature rundown I am now giving you a sound demo of the Waldorf Rocket with some commentary on how I produced the sounds. The signal path is synthesizer going directly into the audio interface with the exception of lead sounds where I use Boss Space Echo (the modern emulated version) for delay.

If you’ve tried the Waldorf Rocket, let us know what you think of it!

Alesis Vortex Keytar Review

Keyboard Magazine’s Mitchell Sigman reviews the new Alesis Vortex USB/MIDI keytar controller.

Sigman focuses on the the Vortex’s unique accelerometer control. The Vortex features a MIDI-assignable accelerometer, so you can control virtually any parameter by moving the Vortex’s neck: volume swells, pitch bends, vibratos, filter cutoffs, etc. Continue reading

UVI Vintage Legends Review

vintage-synth-legends-reviewRob Puricelli has an early review of the new UVI Vintage Legends – a new set of virtual instruments that recreate some classic synths that aren’t on the ‘most commonly cloned’ list.

Vintage Legends offers virtual takes on these six instruments:

  • Yamaha CS-70M, CS-40M and CS-20M
  • Italian Elka Synthex
  • Rhodes Chroma
  • Yamaha DX1
  • DK Synergy
  • K250

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