Audio Infuser 4700 Combines Old-School Style, Wireless Streaming


This is a little off-topic, but epic: The Audio Infuser 4700 is a DIY project, created by Todd Kumpf, that’s built to stream music from Wi-Fi devices and play vinyl records.

It features old school wood & steel design, combined with the connectivity and immediacy of wireless technology.

Here’s a video introduction to the Audio Infuser 4700: Continue reading

How To Make A DIY MIDI Flame Organ

Want to incorporate MIDI-controlled flame-throwers into your act?

They MIDI controller gurus at Livid put together this video that explains how they made a DIY MIDI Controlled Flame Organ: Continue reading

Funny-Looking? Make Weird Noises With Your Face? Enter ‘Synth Gurning’ Competition

Synth legend Vince Clarke is conducting a pretty unique “synth” competition:

“We all know about ‘Air Guitar’ (a form of movement in which the performer pretends to play rock or heavy metal-style electric guitar) and ‘Beatboxing’ (a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice).

“But what about ‘Synth Gurning’? Synth Gurning is defined as the art of producing synth sounds or effects using just the voice whilst pulling a funny face.

“In order to give this little known artform the attention and respect it rightly deserves, we’re launching the worlds first International Synth Gurning competition.

“The concept is simple. We’d like you to video yourself making your own synth sound or effect with just your voice. We’re also looking for ‘interesting facial expression’ (gurning), to enhance the performance. Basically we want to hear you make silly sounds and see your face while you do so.

“Like Vince, you may already have a head full of synth sounds in which case you can freestyle your entry as in this example [above] recorded by Vince himself.”

Clarke calls this a “just for fun” project, but is offering up his own personally autographed, limited-edition, Mute Synth to the best performer. Slightly less funny-looking (and sounding) runners-up will receive signed “certificates of distinction.” Continue reading