Artificial Noise Annouces New Batch Of LAB:1 Synthesizers

Artificial Noise‘s Neil Burnby let us know that they are producing a second run of the LAB:1 Synthesizer. The LAB:1 Synthesizer is a 100% analog, 6 oscillator experimental synthesizer. It features 3 audio oscillators (with Triangle, Sawtooth and Square waveforms), 3 low frequency oscillators (with Triangle and Square waveforms) and 1 voltage controlled low pass filter.

The Collidoscope Synthesizer – A Collaborative ‘Musical Microscope’

The Collidoscope, above, is a hardware synth prototype, created by researchers Ben Bengler & Fiore Martin, that is a ‘musical microscope’ for up to four people.  “Think of Collidoscope as a musical microscope that allows you to zoom into sounds and explore their beautiful peculiarities, and in the next moment, to play and perform your sonic discoveries like… Read More The Collidoscope Synthesizer – A Collaborative ‘Musical Microscope’