New DIY Video Synthesizer, Video Equations


Developer Robert Jordan let us know about a new video synth that he’s developer that uses math to make evolving, ‘tripped out’ patterns.

“The Video Equations system uses the power of mathematics to yield rippling lo-fi seas of colour, acid trip roguelikes, glitching fractals, visions of an 80’s techno dream and worlds of crashing computer programs,” says Jordan. 

Here’s a video demo: Continue reading

Trippy Multimedia Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via J74 (Fabrizio Poce), captures a trippy live synth jam & multimedia performance.  Continue reading

Ming Micro, A MIDI-Controller 8-bit Video Synthesizer, Is ‘The Ultimate Pixel Art Instrument’


Special Stage Systems has introduced the Ming Micro – a portable 8-bit video synthesizer, with NTSC composite output, integrated chiptune synthesis, SD card slot, USB and MIDI control.

They call it “The ultimate pixel art instrument.”

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading