Bleep Labs Intros 3TrinsRGB+1c Audio + Visual Synthesizer


Bleep Labs has introduced the 3TrinsRGB+1c Audio + Visual Synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

On it’s own it can produce A/V insanity, with it’s built in, patchable, waveshape adjustable, analog oscillators. With an external audio, CV, and video signals, the 3trinsRGB becomes a gateway to the video hyperverse.


  • Analog video and audio synthesizer.
  • Composite video input.
  • CV inputs for each RGB channel that can be used with audio and modular level signals.
  • Audio output of internal oscillators and CV signals.
  • Patchbay allows you design complex interactions between the oscillators, RGB channels and i/o. It also make it easy to prototype your own tiny circuit “plugins” (more into on this soon).
  • Power supply and patch cables for header included
  • Analog composite video input and output are compatible with NTSC and PAL.

Here are some examples of the 3TrinsRGB+1c Audio + Visual Synthesizer in action: Continue reading

Critter & Guitari Rhythm Scope vs Gabriela Jimeno

Boutique electronics makers Critter & Guitari shared this video, a demo of their new Rhythm Scope video synthesizer.

The Rhythm Scope is a video synthesizer that generates visual patterns in response to sound. The Rhythm Scope can be triggered by transient sounds like drums, short synth arpeggios and funky bass lines, providing an easy way to get visuals synchronized to music and sound.

In the video, Colombian drummer Gabriela Jimeno controls the Rhythm Scope using a drum kit.

Here’s what C&G have to say about the set up: Continue reading

New Audio + Video Remixing App For iPad – vidibox

vidiboxBillaboop Studio has introduced vidibox – a new video remixing app for iPad that lets users create real-time music and video projects, using a drum pad interface.

vidibox is sort of like an MPC for audio & video remixing. It uses a transparent drum pad interface, and you can assign audio or video samples to each pad. And it supports MIDI, so can even sequence it.

Here’s the official preview video for vidibox: Continue reading

Interview With Analog Video Visionary Liz Larsen Of LZX Industries

liz-larsen-lzx-industriesProgrammer/module designer Darwin Grosse let us know that analog video superstar Liz Larsen is featured on the latest episode of his Art + Music + Technology podcast.

Liz Larsen is a multimedia programmer and owner/designer of LZX Industries, a company that specializes in Eurorack format synthesizer modules designed for video.

Here’s what Grosse has to say about the interview: Continue reading

Kosada Vuo A Modern Graphical Programing Environment For Multimedia

vuo-multimedia-composerKosada has introduced a beta version of Vuo, a modern visual programming language for ‘multimedia artists and creators’.

Vuo is designed for the type of people that might use Quartz Composer, vvvv, Max/MSP/Jitter, and Pure Data. But the company says that Vuo is designed to be a modern graphical programing tool that’s simpler to understand, platform-independent and high-performance.

Vuo, which is ‘flow’ in Finnish, is designed to be both powerful and intuitive. With Vuo, users can create interactive audio, visual, and mixed multimedia applications and effects.

‘We’ve been working on Vuo for several years,” notes Kosada’s Steve Mokris, “and we now want to give media creators a glimpse at where we’re headed with Vuo. Although the beta is not yet fully-featured, with it creators can begin to explore some of Vuo’s possibilities”.

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