New Video Synth For Mac, Lumen

Lumen is a new analog-style semi-modular video synthesizer for the Mac. According to the developer, Lumen is ‘made for synthesists’. It’s designed to build on techniques familiar to modular synthesists. You can use the same process with Lumen as you would with a hardware video synth, but Lumen also offers features only software can provide. 

New DIY Video Synthesizer, Video Equations

Developer Robert Jordan let us know about a new video synth that he’s developer that uses math to make evolving, ‘tripped out’ patterns. “The Video Equations system uses the power of mathematics to yield rippling lo-fi seas of colour, acid trip roguelikes, glitching fractals, visions of an 80’s techno dream and worlds of crashing computer programs,”… Read More New DIY Video Synthesizer, Video Equations