Kinektron Digital Synth Cube Features Gestural Control, x0x Style Sequencer

On of the more interesting introductions from the 2012 Summer NAMM Show is the Kinektron Digital Synth Cube, a small self-contained synthesizer & sequencer.

Newly-formed company Kinektron is introducing its first piece of synth gear, the K-DSC-1 ‘Digital Synth Cube’. Featuring a self-contained general MIDI synthesizer engine and 16-step step sequencer, the device is, according to its developers “a unique entry level music making machine.”


  • Self-Contained general MIDI synthesizer engine and 16-step step sequencer
  • Similar in programming workflow to classic step sequencer based equipment such as x0x boxes and similar analog or early digital step sequencers
  • Gestural controls enabled by built in accelerometer
  • Unique, Infrared programmability – program your K-DSK-1 from any web enabled computer or mobile device which supports java and a minimum refresh rate*
  • 8 Patterns at a time
  • 32 Voice Polyphony
  • Pattern Save\Recall
  • Several Programmable Parameters for each step
  • MIDI sync and other MIDI features will be available via planned expansion module
  • No menu items deeper than 2 button presses.
  • Easy color-coded interface is intuitive to learn with little study
  • Web based pattern sharing and creation with our unique ‘light based’ pattern programming protocol, K-IRP.
  • Hidden game will become playable as more modules are collected (and firmware updates are distributed)

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AlphaSphere Controller Available For Pre-Order

YouTube Preview Image

2012 Summer NAMM Show: Nu Desine founder Adam Place offers an overview of the unique AlphaSphere music controller.


  • 48 pressure sensitive pads
  • Tap to trigger, or apply pressure to manipulate sound
  • Responsive LED lighting
  • USB connectivity
  • Robust and ergonomic shape

The AlphaSphere is available for pre-order for £1000.

AIR Music Ignite (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

2012 Summer NAMM Show: This video, via soundonsoundvideo, features A.I.R. Music Technology product manager Samara Winterfeld introducing Ignite.

Ignite is described as ‘music ideation and creation software’, designed to let you build songs in an organic fashion. Ignite 1.0 is focused specifically on the keyboardist’s workflow.

Beginning in Q3 of 2012, all M-Audio keyboard controllers will ship with Ignite included, and other brands in the inMusic family will include Ignite with select products. This initial product release will be followed by a number of scheduled releases designed to address the complete music creation process.

Summer NAMM 2012: Griffin MIDIConnect

At the 2012 Summer NAMM Show: Griffin Technology has announced the availability of MIDIConnect, a MIDI interface for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

“MIDIConnect offers musicians a compact and portable solution to create and edit music on the go, at a fraction of the cost of a recording studio,” said Ethan Opelt, Line Manager of Griffin’s Audio category. “We are excited to be showcasing MIDIConnect… at Summer NAMM in Nashville, our home town.”

MIDIConnect adds a MIDI input and output to iOS devices, and allows the user to plug MIDI keyboards and other MIDI-capable devices into an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. The user can play MIDI instruments straight into MIDI-capable applications like GarageBand. MIDIConnect users can also download MIDI controller apps to make use of the MIDI out port and the iOS devices’ touchscreens as a MIDI controller.

Both MIDI in and out ports are industry-standard 5-pin DIN connectors, compatible with most commonly available MIDI cables and connectors.

MIDIConnect is now available for purchase (MSRP $79.99) at

Summer NAMM 2012: Korg Demos microKEY USB-Powered Controllers

korg microkey usb midi controller familyAt the 2012 Summer NAMM Show, Korg is showing the latest models in its series of microKEY USB-Powered Keyboards and MIDI Controllers.

The microKEY-37 (available now; MSRP $79.99) is now joined by the portable microKEY-25 (expected ship date: September ’12; MSRP $69.99) as well as the five-octave microKEY-61. Geared for the studio musician, the microKEY-61 (expected ship date: late summer 2012; MSRP $179.99) comes with effects plug-ins and the exclusive Legacy Collection Suite – a collection of software versions of some of Korg’s most iconic synthesizers.

The microKEY can be used to create a compact and customized MIDI command center. Adding a measure of flexibility and control, the microKEY 37- and 61-key models both can also serve as a USB hub. Two USB ports (Type A) can accommodate the addition of a Korg nanoPAD2, nanoKONTROL2 or any other USB device.

The Mac- and PC-compatible microKEY devices also run on USB power, making them well-suited for on-the-go laptop musicians. For musicians working from an iPad, the microKEY-25 can be used to control apps such as the Korg iMS-20 via MIDI (see for more details).

All microKEY models feature velocity-sensing mini keys, using the same “Natural Touch” keybed found on the Korg microKORG XL and microSTATION. The microKEY also accurately conveys the dynamics of the user’s performance to any software package.

Octave Shift buttons, when used in conjunction with the Key Transpose function, enable the full range of notes in the MIDI specification to be covered. For added expression during a performance, the 37- and 61-key models feature a pitch bend wheel and modulation wheel. The 25-key model features a built-in arpeggiator, a sustain/tap button, and an assignable joystick for pitch bend, modulation, or any other control change.

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Korg Kronos X Introduced At 2012 Summer NAMM

2012 Summer NAMM Show: Korg USA today announced the arrival of the Kronos X Music Workstation, an expanded Kronos featuring a boost in the internal memory capacity and the size of its SSD, plus enhanced sampler functionality.

Key Features:

  • The Kronos X doubles the PCM RAM capacity to approximately 2GB and the SSD capacity to 62GB, letting you take full advantage of Kronos Sound Libraries.
  • Kronos X contains Korg’s EXs 10-13 expansion sample series of Kronos Sound Libraries pre-installed in its demo mode. Users can obtain full versions, plus additional Sound Libraries, by purchasing a license key from the Web Shop.

Additional Kronos System Version 2.0 Highlights:

  • A second internal SSD can be added to support massive sound library expansions, including Korg and third-party Sound Libraries
  • USB Ethernet support enables high-speed data communication between Kronos and a computer
Here’s the official demo video for the Kronos X:

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