Electro Harmonix Intros 4500 Four-Track Looper


Electro Harmonix has introduced the 45000 – a ‘state-of-the-art’ multi-track looping pedal.

Each loop has four mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track. The 45000 records non-compressed, 44.1 kHz / 16-bit CD quality audio direct to a removable SDHC card (4 to 32GB). Each card holds up to 100 individual loops accessed with the optional 45000 Foot Controller (sold separately).

Loop speed is adjustable over a two octave range, and reverse recording and playback are also possible. For extra convenience, a built-in metronome to a separate Monitor Out and a Headphone Out are also included. Continue reading

Korg MS-20 Mini Review

Here’s a look of the new Korg MS-20 Mini, via CDM’s Peter Kirn.

Kirn is impressed with the MS-20 Mini:

“If you’re in the market for a monosynth, the MS-20 mini deserves strong consideration. There are other interesting monosynth keyboards out there, but the MS-20’s modular patch bay and distinctive sound and filter set it apart. And none of the others can lay claim to being a bit of history in the way the mini does.”

See Kirn’s full review of the MS-20 Mini at the CDM site. He also compared the MS-20 Mini to the original, and says “the original is worse!”

WaveDNA Intros Liquid Rhythm Lets Your Work With The ‘Molecular DNA’ Of Rhythms


At the 2013 NAMM Show, WaveDNA launched Liquid Rhythm – a new drum and beat creation software instrument.

Liquid Rhythm combines music theory with unique visualizations to let you work with rhythm quickly and musically. Here are a few demo videos that give you an introduction to Liquid Rhythm: Continue reading

The Nu Desine AlphaSphere

At the 2013 NAMM Show, we talked with Adam Place and Felix Godden of Nu Desine, creators of the AlphaSphere musical instrument and controller.

The AlphaSphere offers a fresh take on the music controller, supporting standard MIDI messages, but going beyond the typical controller with an unconventional design, pressure-sensitive pads and full polyphonic aftertouch. Continue reading