Live Performance On Modular Synth

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via SynthMania, captures a live modular performance of Flagless.

The performance features the sound of a 66-space modular synthesizer, which SynthMania says is “Why I love my dotcom.” Continue reading

New ‘Frobe’ Analog Synth, Inspired By Classic Moog Modular

This video, via glkibler, is a preview of the Frobe modular synthesizer – a new analog synth, inspired by the classic Moog modular:

“What better way to test if a Moog is sounding like a Moog than with a little taste of Aquatarkus?”

The synth featured in the demo is a hand-wired prototype. Continue reading

Moon Modular At NAMM 2015


At the 2015 NAMM ShowGert Jalass, creator of the Moon Modular synthesizer, introduced several new modules and a new cabinet option.

The Moon Modular line is a large-format modular synthesizer system, physically compatible with the classic Moog format (used by, Moog, Curetronic, Mos-Lab and others) and following the (-15/+15 volts) power standard.

While Jalass’s Moon Modular designs are inspired by vintage Moog modules, he builds on the original’s capabilities to create modern modules with classic style and usability.  Continue reading