New Modular Control Keyboard From Even Lets You Add A Whammy Bar

synthesizer-modular-controller has been teasing out information on a new line of modular control keyboards for modular synthesizers.

In a post on Facebook,’s Roger Arrick asks:

What if controllers were modular too?

Then we could treat controllers just like the modular system itself.

Move things around as needed, build up a completely custom rig that suits our own purposes. For example, what if we could add a wheel controller to any side of the keyboard, as many as we wanted?

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New 5U Module – The Corsynth C105 VC Noise Lo-Fi Machine

VC-Noise-LO-FI-MachineCorsynth’s Pablo Penas let us know about a new module they have released, the C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine.

The C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine is a voltage-controlled analog sample rate reducer, with an internal white noise generator.

This module is based on a Sample and Hold, designed to work at audio rates. The internal clock runs from 250Hz up to 40KHz and can be voltage controlled. This wide frequency range and two FM inputs ( one with a reversible attenuator ) allow to create subtle digital effects or harsh and Lo-Fi sounds.

The internal noise generator, in combination with the S&H, can be used to create pitched noise, useful for synthesizing drums sounds, drones and sound effects.

In addition, there is also a first order passive high-pass filter with an independent output.


  • Internal white noise generator.
  • CV controlled sampling frequency.
  • Frequency range : 250Hz to 40KHz ( down to 10Hz using CV )
  • Passive first order high pass filter.
  • The Lo-Fi input is normalized to the internal noise generator.
  • This module is built using high quality electronic components, Switchcraft jacks, NKK switches, Cosmo knobs (the same used in the Moog Modulars) , black anodized aluminium front panel ( like the original Moog Modulars )….

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Modular Synthesizers At The 2013 NAMM Show


At this year’s NAMM Show, there was a wealth of modular synthesizer gear on display, more than we’ve ever seen at previous NAMM Shows. It’s a reflection of the increasing interest in modular synthesis and the growing number of modular synth manufacturers.  Continue reading

5U Moogerfooger Panels For Moog Compatible Modular Synthesizers

5U Moogerfooger Modular Synthesizer Modules

Long time Synthtopia readers know that Moog’s MoogerFooger effects pedals can be used together to create a giant MoogerFoogin’ modular synthesizer.

But many have wished that Moog would actually release new 5U synth modules or at least release MoogerFooger modules.

GearMedia’s Mike Beard is working on a DIY project to fill that gap, GIMP (GearMedia Moogerfooger Panel). At this point, he’s working on panels to prototype the conversions.

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