Corsynth Intros 5U Quad VCA & Mixer

c107_panelSpanish synthmaker Corsynth has released the C107 Quad Linear VCA / VC Mixer – a combination of four voltage controlled amplifiers and four mixers that is more than the sum of its parts

The module is designed for Dotcom-style 5U modular systems.

Each VCA features :

  • A signal input.
  • An initial gain control.
  • A voltage control input with a level potentiometer.
  • An output.

The VCAs in the included in this modules are not only attenuators, they can also boost the input signal. Using the initial gain potentiometer and a five volts CV signal, the VCA has a maximum gain of 2 (doubles the signal amplitude). This is very useful for signal processing or to boost external signals.

With four VCAs and four independent mixer outputs, the C107 Quad VCA / VC Mixer delivers a wide range of routing options, for both audio and control signals. Continue reading

Cosmic Krautrock At Superbooth 2016 (Kosmische Musik)

Superbooth 16: This video captures an excerpt of a live ‘Cosmic Krautrock’ performance  by synthesist Udo Hanten and Klaus Hoffmann.

The duo performs with a Moon Modular 5U modular synthesizer and the new Memotron m2k. Continue reading