What’s The Best New Synth Module Of 2015? (Reader Poll)


As part of our end-of-year, Best of 2015 round-up, we’re running a variety of reader polls.

For the modular synth category, we let readers nominate their picks for the best new synth module of the year.

We’re including individual modules, introduced in the last year, that are designed with the primary purpose of being part of a modular system.

Vote for your pick of the best new synth module of 2015 below. You can select up to three modules: Continue reading

Evaton Technologies Announces RF Nomad: Atomic Shadow Edition 5U Synth Module

rf-nomad-atomic-shado-editionEvaton Technologies announced via their Facebook page a new large-format module, the RF Nomad: Atomic Shadow Edition.

The module grew out of a one-off custom module created for ‘mid-century electronica’ artist Atomic Shadow (Rod Mitchell).

The module is a 5U version of Evaton’s RF Nomad voltage-controlled shortwave radio receiver Eurorack module.

Due to interest, a limited run of the Atomic Shadow Edition of the RF Nomad will be made in 5U (dot com) format. Continue reading

Synthesizers.com Intros Q167 LFO++ Über LFO

Designer Roger Arrick of Synthesizers.com shared this video, demonstrating his new LFO++ module design.

The LFO++ is an interesting Dotcom MU module design that is a sort of ‘über-LFO’, combining elements of the functionality of an LFO, envelope generator, VCA and more into a single-width panel  Continue reading

Live Performance On Synthesizers.com Modular Synth

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via SynthMania, captures a live modular performance of Flagless.

The performance features the sound of a 66-space Synthesizers.com modular synthesizer, which SynthMania says is “Why I love my dotcom.” Continue reading